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DSF-BUNN Network Operator Bootcamp Webinar

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DSF-BUNN Network Operator Bootcamp: Leadership & Practices in Revenue Generation Including Trends in Ad Placement

October 30, 2013
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Following Media Week in New York, including the DPAA Media Summit and Investors Conference, the changing role of digital signage and digital out-of-home networks will be described. Place-based signage is moving beyond “advertising value” to “value as a medium”. It must deliver viewer engagement and contribute to omnichannel communications success, and so the way the medium is presented and sold by place-based network operators, and purchased by agencies, brands and others who pay for “flights,” campaigns, messaging and sponsorship is changing.

This webinar offers an executive summary of the 6th annual Digital Place-based Advertising Association Media Summit and other Media Week events. Presenters will cover the key elements, insights and changes in attitudes and practices by brands, agencies and network operators that are driving revenue achievement. Attendees will learn:

• The advertising outlook for DOOH
• Media buying, placement and management trends.
• How upfronts, mini-fronts and sponsorship galas can generate revenue commitment
• How liaison with merchants, partners, tenants and suppliers fit into sales efforts
• The way in which agents and sales partners are actually delivering revenues.
• How sales force management is changing.
• Trends to engagement – beyond message presentation
• Managing revenue achievement so as to maximize return on inventory
• Indicators that are useful to sales efforts
• Where action may be required to activate network revenues
• Tactical approaches to generating more revenue.

Registrants will be provided with a URL of the recorded session.

Perspectives from a variety of Ad Agencies, DOOH Network Sales Professionals and brands will be profiled during this webinar.

Presenters include:

 Andy McRae
General Manager,
Dot2Dot Communications

Andy brings over 20 years of digital media experience to the presentation, including experience earned as General Manager of Market Information Services of Canada. Dot2Dot Communications is the master distributor of Scala in Canada and offers the Scala Ad Manager platform serving the global Sales Channel and all facets of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships for this element of ad and sponsor-based networks as well as brands.

 Moderator: Lyle Bunn, BUNN Co., is a dynamic signage industry analyst, advisor and educator, and producer/moderator of this series. He has assisted hundreds of network operators in their planning and initial deployment and was recently named one of the 11 most influential people in the Digital Signage industry. He served as producer and moderator of the previous Ad-based Network operators series, recordings of which are available at http://www.digitalsignagefederation.org/dsfbunnwebinars.

Lyle has published over 250 articles and whitepapers on related subjects and presents regularly in webinars, conference and end user events. He serves on the advisory boards of the industry’s primary events and on several judging panels of its major awards programs.

Registrants are invited to submit questions in advance to Lyle@LyleBunn.com

Click here for more information and registration.

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