Museum Tools and Secret Sound Acquired by MSE Audio -

Museum Tools and Secret Sound Acquired by MSE Audio

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MSE Audio has acquired Museum Tools of Healdsburg, CA and their signature product, Secret Sound.

The industry’s first parabolic-dome loudspeaker, Secret Sound was developed in the late 1980s to address the targeted audio requirements of museum exhibits. The product’s popularity grew via word of mouth among museum exhibit planners, and Secret Sound products eventually found their way around the world for museum and zoo displays.

Now part of the SoundTube speaker brand, the Secret Sound line will be focused on delivering high quality audio to museum exhibits, digital signage and themed displays. Secret Sound products include the original Secret Sound domes and accessories along with SoundTube’s FP dual-parabolic dome speakers, the SoundTube 31 series of discreet 3-inch speakers and SA mini amplifiers, SolidDrive invisible audio solutions and selected Rockustics rock speakers.

“Secret Sound was the perfect addition to the SoundTube lineup,” said Duke Ducoff, MSE Audio vice president of sales. “These attractive dome speakers, along with the other MSE Audio products we are now selling under the Secret Sound banner, are ideal for digital signage, themed displays and museum exhibits. With Secret Sound, audio is perfectly presented to its intended audience.”


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