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Atlona AMS Now Available For Free

Atlona AMS Now Available For Free

Atlona has made its Atlona Management System free to download at

AMS is aimed at expediting the configuration, operation, and maintenance of Atlona devices, as well as increasing the efficiency of both installation and support. AMS also includes remote support. In its initial version, AMS supports five Atlona 4K/UHD products:

  • SW-52 5-input HDMI switcher with mirrored HDMI outputs;
  • SW-52ED 5-input HDMI switcher with mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs, and PoE;
  • CLSO-601 6-input multi-format switcher with mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs, and auto switching;
  • CLSO-612 6-input multi-format switcher with HDBaseT inputs, mirrored HDMI and HDBaseT outputs, and auto switching;
  • PRO3-66M 4K/UHD Dual-Distance 6x6 HDMI to HDBaseT matrix switcher with PoE.

“The Atlona Management System offers integrators advanced management of device configuration while reducing on-site installation time and minimizing the on-site team size,” said David Shamir, director of product management at Atlona. “This directly translates to real cost savings and the ability for our partners to be more competitive and win more business without hurting their profitability.”

The software offers integrator-friendly features including the ability to auto-detect installed Atlona devices, retrieve and back-up current configurations, copy configuration of one Atlona device to another, and perform firmware upgrades without need for a technician to be on-site. AMS also offers device health monitoring with data presented in a dashboard-style presentation.

Ideally used in multi-device AV installations, the AMS can be scaled to support systems of any size. The remote management capabilities enable AV technicians to manage, operate, and maintain AV systems either locally (LAN) or remotely (WAN), 24/7, using a common web browser.

Future updates will add AMS functionality to additional Atlona products, including the UHD-CLSO-824 4K/UHD 8?2 Multi-Format matrix switcher, UHD-M2C-BAL multi-channel digital to two-channel balanced analog audio converter, and UHD-H2H Series of 4K/UHD HDMI to HDMI matrix switchers.

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