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Kaltman Invisible Waves RF Command Center

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Kaltman’s Invisible Waves RF command center provides a total solution for wireless coordination and show planning.

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The system combines radio spectrum analysis with the ability to select and monitor wireless channels, as well as other frequencies of interest; visually color-code them, detect, and identify potential interference; hear signals with click-to-listen; seek clear spectrum; and set up alarms to warn of impending RF problems. RF-id SOLO is a handheld device for your road kit that instantly reads the frequency of any wireless transmitter.

The innovative CPA circular polarization antenna greatly extends the range and reliability of your wireless systems, so the Tx/Rx pair will not be out of phase.


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IWx RF Command Center Stars at Formula 1 Race

To say that RF can be an issue in some venues was the understatement of the year while I was recently freelancing at the F1 Grand Prix on behalf of UK based production company ‘MerlinPA.’ And in the middle of a sea of RF the Invisible Waves X RF Command Center (from Kaltman Creations... RFAnalyzers.com) got quite an extended workout.

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Kaltman Creations RF-ResQ

Kaltman Creations LLC has announced a breakthrough solution to the RF congestion and 'spectrum squeeze' issues that have plagued the pro audio industry in recent years.

Kaltman Creations Names Invisible Waves RF Analyzer Winner in Drawing

SUWANEE, GA--In an effort to evaluate the purchasing and marketing profile of its clientele, Kaltman Creations LLC recently conducted a survey and offered a prize to one lucky participating customer. The winner, David Gaddoni of Stockton, California (owner of Balloonheads Pro Audio and Lighting), selected the Kaltman

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Kaltman Introduces New Antennas

Atlanta, GA-- Kaltman Creations has introduced a new line of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), Super Low Frequency (SLF) and Low Frequency (LF) measurement antennas.   Kaltman's new antenna line covers a frequency span of 3Hz to 60MHz.