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Applied Video Technology Expands Technical Services Division

Applied Video Technology Expands Technical Services Division
  • Applied Video Technology has restructured their technical services division to address the growing requirements and complexities of the latest AV room environments. Architectural trends such as open floor plans for corporate and university applications have increased the number of collaboration and meeting spaces, requiring new designs and implementation of shared audio and video communications.

“To thrive in this new environment, AV integrators must conquer several challenges presented by projects with larger numbers of rooms; different system designs, different programs, different user experiences in each room, greater demands on IT support staff, unique infrastructure in each room, and the challenge of managing all rooms,” explained Bruce MacLelland, AVT CEO. “Due to our rapid growth over the last several years, we learned to become better designers and project managers. It caused us to expand our AV engineering and control system programming capabilities and invest in training at all levels of our Technical Resources Group."

There are approximately 12.5 million meeting spaces worldwide and more are coming as small videoconferencing and huddle rooms become the accepted way for people to communicate and teach. AVT is committed to thrive in these new environments by offering simple-to-use, transparent, rapidly deployable, highly repeatable solutions with a consistent interface, and experience across the entire enterprise.

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