ADI Launches High-Definition Video Training Series -

ADI Launches High-Definition Video Training Series

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MELVILLE, NY-ADI's High-Definition Video Training Series course will educate installers in HDTV set-up and professional video calibration techniques to improve consumer and industrial customer service satisfaction.

Conducted by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), ADI's High-Definition Video Training Series will be held in 20 cities across the United States, span 60 days, and begin on April 23, 2007. This course features a full day of hands-on HDTV training, with sponsoring manufacturers including BenQ, Datacolor, Draper, DVDO, Honeywell, Pioneer Professional, and Spectrum Electronics. Installers will improve customer satisfaction by learning how to optimize display potential, adjust color and contrast for home use, and use the Datacolor SpyderTV PRO 2007 calibration tool, ISF HDTV Calibration Wizard and color science instruments.

"HDTV displays are factory calibrated to look their best in retail environments, which are much brighter than in the average home. However, through this training course, installers will easily learn to make these displays look even better in their clients' homes," said Joel Silver, president of ISF. "We are proud to collaborate with ADI, offer these courses across the country, and raise the standard of excellence in home theater." Dealers can register online for the training at

April 23 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
April 24 Phoenix, Arizona
April 26 Orlando, Florida
April 26 Las Vegas, Nevada
April 30 Tampa, Florida
May 1 San Diego, California
May 3 Atlanta, Georgia
May 3 Riverside, California
May 8 Raleigh, North Carolina
May 8 Fresno, California
May 11 Beltsville, Maryland
May 10 Sacramento, California
May 15 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 15 Reno, Nevada
May 17 Elmsford, New York
May 17 Boise, Idaho
May 22 Boston, Massachusetts
May 22 Portland, Oregon
May 24 Long Island, New York
May 24 Seattle, Washington


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