AOPEN's New Media Player, DE3250 -

AOPEN's New Media Player, DE3250

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A new fanless, ultra-thin media player, the Digital Engine DE3250, has been released by digital signage specialist AOPEN. Containing no ventilation holes, it can be used in rugged, dusty environments or moving vehicles.

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AOPEN's DE3250The DE3250, based on Intel N2930 SoC, features "cooling ribs" which maximizes the use of the available airflow and dissipation of heat. This makes it ideal for low-noise environments such as hospitals and libraries. The system is shock proof thanks to its fanless design and the solid-state disk (SSD).

Stephen Borg, Global Director of Strategy & Marketing at AOPEN, says even though its thin (25mm/0.98inch) size, the DE3250 is quite powerful.

"Reliability is critical for media players. Whether you're digitizing your menu boards in the restaurant, or want to use digital signage in a bus or train, the DE3250 can handle a wide range of environments. Digital signage in a moving vehicle involves challenges such as fluctuating temperatures, shock and vibration, but the DE3250 overcomes all of these," says Stephen Borg.

The DE3250 is built with the Intel Celeron quad-core Processor N2930, based on a new low-power, high-performance microarchitecture.

“We chose to develop on this platform because of the relationship between quality and price. With the mobile platform we were able to create an ultra-slim device for use in different scenarios, such as digital signage, transportation, hospitality and kiosk type applications. Its expanded lifespan and use in embedded systems makes the N2930 the processor of choice, offering both power and value for money," says Stephen Borg.

According to Intel’s performance test this processor family delivers up to two times faster performance in productivity applications, and up to three times improvement in graphics over the previous Pentium and Celeron processors for these devices.

The Digital Engine DE3250 fits in the AOPEN Engine Core, which makes it easier to build an extensive signage network or computing array that can be controlled from one location. Due to its slim design, it is also ideal to put the device behind a display or in a kiosk/POS device.


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