CEC Ruling Shows Need for Green Display Strategy

This week, the California Energy Commission (CEC) announced new regulatory rules that make it illegal to sell TVs in the state that exceed certain energy use ratings. The CEA and several other large CE companies opposed the move. The ramifications of this decision will be debated endlessly going forward, but it also points to the need for companies to have coherent knowledge of, and a strategy to navigate, the changing landscape for eco-friendly display solutions. Fortunately, Insight Media can help as it has recently released the Green Display Report: The Business Threats and Opportunities of Green Displays. This comprehensive report covers all aspects of display manufacture, use, regulation and disposal for laptops, monitors and TVs.

  • For the display industry the move to greener products will be a critical dynamic for at least the next several years, and reduced product energy consumption is only the most obvious part of it. This report defines the parameters of green displays and explains the trends in designing, manufacturing, assessing, applying and selling displays that, along with the processes with which they are made, reduce power consumption and minimize impact on the atmospheric and terrestrial environments. Equally important to industry participants, it explores the commercial opportunities and challenges at each step in the display-product life cycle, including the regulatory and labeling environment.

“This is the industry’s first comprehensive report dedicated to understanding all aspects of the green movement as applied to displays and display-based products, noted Insight Media President Chris Chinnock, and editor of the report. “In addition, we just completed the first conference dedicated to the same topic – the Green Display Expo. “Helping companies to comprehend and thrive in this new “green” environment for displays was the key goal of the report and the conference.”

“Most efforts to classify a display product as green focus on the energy consumption,” noted report analyst Ken Werner. “The industry has made great strides in this area and continues to do so, but there is more to being green than simply reducing power use. We can identify green attributes of a display, but we need to build industry consensus on the definition of a green display or display-based product in order to provide fair and useful information to consumers.” “In terms of labeling and e-waste recovery systems, there are too many of them, which is creating a burden on manufacturers that will lead to increased costs,” stated the other lead analyst, Phillip Wright. “We believe a harmonization of these efforts is also needed.” The report also examines the CEC regulations and their potential impact on the display industry. The Green Display Expo reinforced these and many other aspects of the challenges and opportunities that face the industry. Green and lower-power products can offer a competitive advantage, so companies need to understand the best ways to achieve this. The report is available immediately, as are the Proceedings for the Green Display Expo. A special bundle deal is also being offered. Visit www.insightmedia.info.

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