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Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery Serves Up Targeted Communications with the WebDT Signage System

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DT Research announced the deployment of the WebDT Signage System at Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery stores. The combination of robust WebDT Signage Appliances and flexible WebDT Content Manager software enables targeted communications to customers at Specialty’s Café and Bakery locations, driving sales and building the Specialty’s brand.

Several Specialty’s Café and Bakery locations in California have deployed the WebDT SA1000 signage appliances for digital menu board applications paired with 42” displays behind service counters with images of the current menu offering. Digital menu boards have maximized the space efficiency, using the same space for the breakfast menus and lunch menus, with a scheduled content change at the specified time of day. The WebDT SA3000 signage appliances are paired with 42” displays mounted in the dining areas to engage customers with multimedia content such as video, flash, and images. The dining area content drives sales for catering, specials, and other products and services, and at the same time ingrains the Specialty’s brand by inviting customers to connect on social networking sites.

The WebDT Signage Appliances are managed with the WebDT Content Manager software, enabling Specialty’s Café and Bakery to efficiently navigate the layout design and scheduling of their menus and consumer communication. Content is updated using any internet browser and can be managed locally or in a central location. The marketing team at Specialty’s Café and Bakery can now enhance the dining experience for guests while saving the time and costs associated with constantly changing menus and printing promotions.

Digital signage provides value in the food services market, increasing revenues with the flexibility to target messages to specific times of day and quickly change menus, prices and promotions.

“With digital signage we are able to better communicate our brand and enhance the dining experience for our customers” commented Angela Pace, vice president of marketing at Specialty’s. “We are already beginning to see the value generated by these screens in the sites where we have rolled out the solution and expect this to continue as we expand and install digital signage in our stores.”

Specialty’s Café and Bakery, with over 20 years of successful operation, has 27 stores throughout California, Washington State and Chicago and provides made-from-scratch baked goods, handcrafted sandwiches, organic salads and wholesome soups. This concept is typically located in urban business districts or suburban business centers, and operates 5-days per week during the morning, noontime and afternoon hours.

The WebDT Signage System provides the tools needed to enhance customer engagement at fast-casual and other food service businesses. With the reliability of well-integrated hardware and software from one manufacturer, and the flexibility to deliver a partial or total solution, the WebDT Signage System is lowering the barrier to entry for a digital signage network for the markets with scalable solutions that offer the ultimate usability.


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