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Teq Digital Intros New HD Digital Signage Player

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In installations where it is convenient and possible to put a digital signage player next to a display, or when a small form factor player is required instead of a tower or full-rack wide PC, Qiksign series digital signage players commonly known as media players become part of the whole system.

The clear advantage of using small form factor Qiksign players is to save on signal transportation cost. Choose from Windows-based flexible and scalable digital signage players or Linux-based self-sufficient digital signage players depending upon requirements for control and internet based content display.

The VPH150 Digital Signage / Media

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Player (a complete turn-key solution in a box) is a commercial grade HD-high resolution digital signage player with network, featuring support for 1080i, 720p, HDMI, UXGA, HDV and HD TV, plus several means of computer interface. It’s a perfect companion for all HD displays with flexibility and expandability, and allows system administrators to:

  • Match native resolution of LCD or Plasma or projector for portrait or landscape 16:9 hi-def signage
  • Install one or multiple players and control them over network or as standalone devices.
  • Show media, videos, webpage, slideshows, images and scrolling text message from RSS or XML feed in single screen with LIVE TV in Flexible layout.
  • Display messages, Live TV with flexible layout at different times.

The unit is easy to use and maintains industry-standard management utility for beginner to novice users. It’s flexible, and can be mounted right behind the display or in equipment rack/closet.

Teq Digital signage provides added impact, due to its multimedia capabilities, over old signage technologies. Teq Digital strives to provide the most effective and affordable signage products and services. You have the power the schedule content, publish real time-content and monitor remote displays. You can target your customer/audiences with upto- date and relevant content.

Teq Digital gives the flexibility to choose the level of service based on the business and resources needed.

For more information on Teq Digital products/services, visit www.teqdigital.com.


Keywest Intros HD Content Player

Keywest Technology has unveiled the HD-Video POD, a high-definition digital signage content player offering a cost-effective professional alternative to the DVD players frequently used in single-sign systems. Keywest Technology specifically designed the HD-Video POD as an affordable, yet powerful replacement for the DVD players in use today driving tens of thousands of digital signs. The HD-Video POD player is a complete hardware and software solution to drive an individual digital signage. With WiFi and Ethernet support, multiple units can be controlled and updated from a central Keywest Technology InfoZone network.

Advantech Digital Signage Player

Advantech has released the DSA-3400, a network-manageable digital signage player that features an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, i945 graphics, and a ruggedized 80GB HDD. The low-profile compact case design of the DSA-3400E makes it easy, according to Advantech, to install and integrate with different display devices. - Support HD Video up to 1080i. The CoreTM 2 Duo processor easily combines content from a variety of sources and formats, and the 945GM graphics system produces seamless high-definition 1080p displays.  The DSA-3400 supports multiple video formats simultaneously, with animated flash, RSS feeds, and XML support, and is compatible with most leading Windows-based signage software packages...