Zaxcom's New QRX100 Now Shipping -

Zaxcom's New QRX100 Now Shipping

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Zaxcom has announced that its QRX100 broadcast ENG receiver is now shipping to customers worldwide. The QRX100 can receive up to four channels of 100 percent digital audio from up to two Zaxcom stereo transmitters, enabling television production professionals to take full advantage of the four discrete audio channels available in today's latest generation of video cameras.

"Our QRX100 offers a feature-packed and versatile solution for professional audio production on the go," said Glenn Sanders, Zaxcom's president. "A single QRX100 mounted to the side of a camera provides complete audio transmission to and from the camera, remote control of our Zaxcom TRX series of transmitters, and timecode synchronization. Replicating the capabilities of just one QRX100 would otherwise require four receivers, a time code generator, and an IFB transmitter. The unit significantly reduces size, weight, and power consumption requirements, all to the benefit of the camera operator."

The QRX100 receives four channels of 100 percent digital audio from up to two transmitters and outputs in both analog and AES digital formats. The lightweight, industry-standard packaging of the QRX100 attaches quickly to any broadcast camera. All transmissions from the QRX100 are digitally modulated, keeping signals free from the interference and noise that would normally cause distortion in an analog wireless system. Because all transmissions are free from intermodulation, the QRX100 allows more channels to be used together — up to 140 audio channels in a 35-MHz frequency block — than any other system available on the market.

"The QRX100 offers the performance and features of one- and two-channel slot-in-style receivers, without the limitations of such systems. While slot-in receivers are available only for a limited number of camera models and do not have sufficient intermodulation or interference rejection to make them suitable for use in difficult RF environments, the QRX100 resolves these issues with 500-KHz minimum spacing, total immunity to RF overload, and digital dropout protection. It's an ideal choice for professional audio production in virtually any setting," added Sanders.


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