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DFW Airport and ClearCube

  • ClearCube Technology, provider of virtual desktop products for cloud computing, rack mounted secure workstations and blade PCs, has announced that Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is adding 225 of ClearCube’s blade PCs in the secure areas of the airport to power new capabilities including digital signage, such as display advertising.
  • Since the airport never closes, DFW has been running ClearCube blade workstations around the clock for Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) for more than six years. Even though the existing equipment is still running strong, DFW can now move the older generations of blades into areas with less dynamic content or that drive fewer monitors per system. The newly procured R3080D workstations are capable of running full high-definition content on multiple high resolution displays.

Prior to selecting ClearCube’s powerful PC blades and zero client solutions in 2005, the display screens in the airport were powered by bulky and extremely high-maintenance small form factor PCs that were mounted directly behind each LCD monitor. When just one of the PCs failed, DFW had to dispatch a minimum of three technicians to fix the hardware — often taking hours due to airport security, foot traffic, and the forklift that was required to hoist a technician 15 feet in the air to repair or even replace the cumbersome PCs. Originally only deployed to the airport’s bustling Terminal D, DFW strategically planned to realize the cost and operational benefits by rolling out ClearCube’s blade PCs and zero client solutions to the remaining terminals and in all areas of the airport (29 square miles), including baggage claim and rental car areas — a total of 1,500 displays.

“For the past six years, ClearCube’s centralized computing solutions have simply and efficiently managed our expansive FIDS, and we are pleased with the digital functionality that the new blade PCs offer,” said William Flowers, DFW vice president for Information Technology Services. “DFW is one of the world’s largest airports, accommodating millions of passengers every year, so it is extremely critical that our display screens are never down.”

ClearCube’s highly efficient, low-maintenance zero client computing solutions offer quad monitor functionality, one blade PC per four monitors. Currently, DFW only utilizes three monitors per blade PC with the capability to add a fourth as they grow and add to the airport’s display system. Instead of sending IT personnel to perform maintenance on the display screens, all repairs are executed either remotely through the ClearCube management software or directly within the telecom closet. Additionally, ClearCube blade PCs allow customers to quickly and easily leverage their existing infrastructure and just elect to upgrade blade systems to stay with current technology.

”The ClearCube solution solved operational and maintenance problems that others could not, at a lower price,” said John Parrish, Assistant Vice President in charge of terminal systems, DFW Airport. “After confirming the TCO benefits of ClearCube in our largest terminal, we deployed the solution across the board. ClearCube has had a positive impact.”
Passengers at DFW Airport rely on flight display screens to make sure they get to the right gate at the right time. Downtime is not an option, and our blade PCs are specifically designed for 99.99 percent availability,” said Randy Printz, CEO, ClearCube Technology. “DFW Airport was one of the first airports to embrace blade technology, and we are extremely happy that proven benefits have motivated them to continue investing in our blade pc and zero client computing solutions.”

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