AdSpace Has Consumers Seeing Stars On In-Mall Digital Network -

AdSpace Has Consumers Seeing Stars On In-Mall Digital Network

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NEW YORK, NY--From the big screen to the small screen to the Smart Screens, all of the major Hollywood studios have turned to the Adspace Digital Mall Network to reach key demographics in the mall environment.

Studios have even taken to creating spots exclusively for the network. In a spot created to promote the 2008 theatrical release for “Step Brothers,” Will Ferrell tries to pick a fight with mall shoppers as they walk by. Most recently for Sony’s “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” the studio used funnyman Kevin James to speak to mall shoppers as they walked by, asking them if they are going to the food court and if they can get him something to eat. It was the “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” spot that recently took home the top prize for the MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home awards for the Best Pairing of Advertising and Venue.

Operating the largest in-mall digital video advertising network in the country with more than 1,400 screens in 105 Class-A shopping malls, Adspace Networks now counts the Hollywood studios as its largest advertising category.

“Because the Smart Screens are eight feet tall in portrait format, and at eye level, the characters are ‘larger than life’ and can engage with mall visitors near the screen,” said William Ketcham, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Adspace Networks. “Our medium provides amazing creative flexibility, and Sony did a great job crafting short but powerful – and funny - ads that really make people pay attention.”

Teens and young adults represent the entertainment industry’s demographic sweet spot and the network’s high-definition screens provide an ideal medium for reaching out to young shoppers.

“Through our Nielsen research we’ve found that teens spend more time in the common areas of the mall – an average of 36.7 minutes – than any other demographic group, and were more likely to watch our Smart Screens,” said Dominick Porco, chairman and CEO, Adspace Networks. “Our ability to reach the key demographics of teens and young adults makes the Adspace Digital Mall Network an attractive buy to advertisers.”

Other Hollywood studios on the Adspace network include Warner Brothers, Paramount, Picturehouse, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Miramax, New Line Home Entertainment, Universal Studios and more.


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