Primeview USA Expands Panoramic Stretch LCD Line

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Primeview USA has decided to refresh its product lineup by introducing a variety of new sizes into the panoramic family.

According to the company, Primeview has not only seen a renewed interest for the stretch displays but an increase in order volume.

With the new sizes of 55 ½-inch, 47 ½-inch and 24-inch, the complete line from 15-55 ½-inch aims to play the part of a professional digital signage wow factor. Included in this new offering is also the addition of high bright options for mass transit public display projects that are available in both standard industrial metal frame and open frame options to be installed flush with architecturally sound millwork.

“Primeview's panoramic stretch LCD line up has been a frequent request for years now. By listening to our customers, the line now carries market leadership in the museum, simulation, information displays, digital signage, medical and professional industries," Chanan Averbuch, director of business development at Primeview USA.

As digital signage continues to grow by over 200 percent annually, Primeview is helping its reseller network create new opportunities with more unique sizes and aspect ratios.


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Primeview Expands 4K UHD Display Line

Primeview USA has made three new additions to its commercial grade UHD 4K LED LCD line of large format LCD displays with HDBASET embedded. This line now offers 55”, 65” and 84” display solutions with ultra-high 4K resolution.

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Primeview Introduces Newest ECO LINE Commercial LED Displays

Primeview USA, a member in advanced display solutions, introduces the latest generation to their flagship ECO LINE of commercial grade LED displays. Today, this eco-friendly focused line now offers a 24/7 rated solutions of 55” super-narrow gap video wall display with only 3.6mm bezel-to-bezel width, now the world’s slimmest LCD bezel, to produce a suitable viewing experience.

Primeview USA Intros Slim Snello Video Wall promo image

Primeview USA Intros Slim Snello Video Wall

Primeview USA is bringing a new industrial video wall to the market, the Snello. This new video wall will offer the slimmest bezel at 0.9mm gap and will be available in two sizes: 49-inches (PRV49SNL) and 55-inches (PRV55SNL).