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3M at SID Display Week 2014

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3M Electronics is exhibiting its technological solutions for the display electronics industry during SID Display Week 2014, taking place June 1-6 in San Diego, CA. Display Week attendees can learn more about the 3M technologies described below at booth number #1003.

3M will be showing the Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) that makes color LCD displays of all sizes lighter, brighter and more energy efficient with. In partnership with Nanosys to produce the new product, 3M allows up to 50 percent more color than current levels in liquid crystal display (LCD) devices. Presently, QDEF LCDs provide a wider color gamut than typical displays that are limited to 35 percent or less of the visible color spectrum.

In addition, John van Derlofske, 3M Optical Physicist and Vision Scientist, will present techniques for creating and delivering great content in color displays. This informative workshop will cover the up converting of color content Tuesday through Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in the 3M booth.

3M has also created a calculation to predict consumer’s perception of display quality based on five factors including color gamut using a collection of data on display preferences from 6 countries. 3M Display Quality Score (DQS) is available to 3M customers to optimize display designs for consumer preferences.

3M’s helps touch screen manufacturers and integrators meet the growing demand for touch-enabled consumer electronics with the following three levels of touch films.

3M Patterned Metal Mesh Film enables curved and foldable touch screens, allowing OEMs and ODMs to create the next generation of touch-enabled smartphones, notebooks and tablets. 3M Patterned Silver Nanowire Film combines the technologies of two companies, 3M and Cambrios Technologies Corporation. The flexible film can conform to angles and rounded surfaces, enabling curved and rollable touch sensors. 3M ITO Film and 3M Advanced ITO Film offer excellent optical transparency, high conductivity and product quality at competitive prices.

3M also will be showcasing a screen privacy and protection solution to the threat of visual hacking of corporate information on mobile devices. A proprietary micro-louver technology from 3M lets the user see a clear image, while showing a dark, blank screen to anyone viewing the display from a side angle. Screen privacy and protection solutions are available for tablets, smartphones, laptops, and monitors.

Other booth displays include an automotive dashboard display demonstrating advanced light control film, the full line of 3M Privacy and Screen Protector products, plus the newly-introduced 3M Anti-Glare Filter for laptops and monitors.

Media and Analysts are also invited to attend a 3M Luncheon on Tuesday, June 3 at 12:00 pm in Press Room #4. Erik Jostes, Business Director for 3M, will present “Experience Innovation: Top Trends in Consumer Electronics.”


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Matrox and 3M Collaborate to Deliver Interactive Multi-Touch, Multi-Display Solutions

Matrox Graphics and 3M Touch Systems have validated a new 3M touch driver that will support multi-touch functionality across two, three or more 3M Multi-touch Displays powered by a variety of Matrox multi-monitor products. Integrators can now pair Matrox products with 3M Multi-touch Displays to create interactive digital signage and collaborative video walls that span multiple displays, without the need for touch overlays or licensing fees. Applications include interactive kiosks, way finding, retail and exhibit display walls, as well as collaborative multi-panel classroom, boardroom, and command & control installations.

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Delta’s Latest Display Solutions at ISE 2014

Delta will exhibit its display solutions at ISE 2014, Amsterdam, February 4-6, 2014. Featured solutions include a bright, dynamic LED display, the WX megapixel display, slim video wall cubes, a narrow bezel LCD video wall and video wall controllers.

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Matrox and 3M Collaborate for Interactive Multi-Touch Solutions

Matrox Graphics and 3M Touch Systems (subsidiary of the 3M Electronic Solutions Division) announced that both companies have validated a new 3M touch driver that will support multi-touch functionality across two, three or more 3M Multi-touch Displays powered by a variety of Matrox multi-monitor products.

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3M Digital Signage Solutions at CES 2014

3M releases large-format multi-touch solutions for interactive digital signage at CES 2014. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the 3M Electronic Solutions Division, today released its latest multi-touch solutions for interactive digital signage applications with these new and innovative products on display at CES 2014

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RP Visual at DSE 2014

RP Visual Solutions (RPV) will be exhibiting at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas this week. DSE 2014 marks the second time that RP Visuals has exhibited at the show, with its visual displays and mounting solutions.

SMPTE 2014 Symposium

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) announced that the SMPTE 2014 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2014) will feature a pre-conference event — the SMPTE 2014 Symposium, hosted by the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) and titled "Making Do With More."