Photo Album: Creative Possibilities with Projection Mapping -

Photo Album: Creative Possibilities with Projection Mapping

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You'd be surprised by the sheer volume of photos that accompany each of the stories we publish in print every month. Sadly, the analog world is constrained by physical limitations, and we can't always print all of the photos we'd like to, and rarely at the resolution we'd prefer.

However, in the case of SCN's dive into the world of creative projection, some of these photos are too cool to keep locked away in a morgue file. Click on the image to the right to see the full album on our Facebook page.


8 Amazing NHL Projection Mapping Shows promo image

8 Amazing NHL Projection Mapping Shows

Whether or not you’re a sports fan, it’s hard to argue there’s a better venue for a projection mapping show than an NHL arena: a gigantic, bright-white, 200-by-85-foot canvas in the center of a 20,000-person audience.

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The Nine Online Exclusive: Projects to Go Wow Over

One of the requirements we looked at in selecting this year’s The Nine was those that inspire us in a way. For some of them, this was easily depicted in project form. As a follow up to the profiles of The Nine, here are some visuals of a few of the exciting such projects that this year’s inductees worked on.

Videoconferencing in Schools: A Remote Possibility

The school in the remote town of Assin Foso, Ghana, might be the last place you’d expect to find a videoconferencing system—for one, there’s no broadband service—but there it is. The story of how it got there is worth reading for any technology manager faced with projects such as setting up a videoconferencing system on short notice because a science teacher landed a virtual interview with an astronaut.