InfoComm Delivers Packed Aisles and Much Awaited Products -

InfoComm Delivers Packed Aisles and Much Awaited Products

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Keeping with the East coast to West coast rotation, this year InfoComm is back in the land of oppressive air temperatures and bright lights. In lovely Las Vegas, Nevada, thousands upon thousands of AV Professionals have once again flocked to the Las Vegas Convention Centre to see the latest and greatest technology to be announced at the show. 

The first thing I noticed this year was an excitement I haven’t seen in a while. I’m not sure if it was partly the jubilance of finally making it to the registration desk and on to the floor. Which was a nice accomplishment, because it was the longest registration line I’ve ever seen at InfoComm and reminded me of the lines one normally associates with NAB or CES. What a great vote of confidence for the show in the midst of the perennial talk of the shift toward virtual experiences. As I walked the floor there were quite a few aisles where I had to wade my way through throngs of people. A wide variety of booths were so packed full of people that conversations were spilling into the aforementioned aisles and just adding to the congestion. It might have been slightly annoying to traverse, but I’ll take that anyway over dead show floor with a noticeable lack of energy.

The second thing that really caught my attention this year is the addition of video to a couple product lines. With QSC announcing their new video products to their Q-SYS mix, they are providing their clients with a one-stop-shop to be able to design a boardroom or conference room system with pretty much a single solution. By offering video cameras that will sit on the network—the same network that the rest of the Q system operates on—you have an incredible amount of flexibility in system design and functionality.

I was also excited to see the culmination of a great marketing campaign from Biamp revolving around the new video capabilities of the TesiraLUX. Because of the existing framework of the Tesira product family, the LUX is now capable of transporting both audio and video over a single network utilizing the open AVB standard. By extension, this is opening the door to allow AV over the network but because its based on the AVB standard, integrators can make use of the growing number of TSN standards that will allow this product to potentially operate in locations where real-time control is a requirement. This is something that Biamp has had in development for years as they have shifted focus from audio to media not only in-house but also across their language. This announcement follows an incredibly fun and exciting teaser campaign that utilized a guerrilla marketing style and mission impossible ‘This message will self destruct’ fun. It was a great change and an innovative way in which to bring attention to a big move for Biamp. In talking with their Video Project Manager, it was interesting to hear that not only has this product been in development for quite a long time but they have had clandestine job titles in-house to reflect this shift in mindset for a while (but obviously didn’t publicly use these personnel titles).

This year we’re seeing more and more companies offering products that expand their market offerings and allow the integrator to use more of a single supplier to complete their solution. It seems that more and more, companies are realizing the added value that a broader product offering brings their dealers. This shift, as it continues to grow will just allow dealers to offer better and better solutions to their clients while maintaining stronger brand ties.


Day One of InfoComm 2012

InfoComm 2012 has begun. Las Vegas is teeming with excitement, as some 30,000+ AV professionals fill the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. As I arrived late tuesday night, I was not able explore the floor under construction but from my twitter feed alone, you know the exhibitors and attendees were ready to roll, excited for the floor to open.

Day Two of InfoComm 2012

Well, Day 2 at Infocomm 2012 has streamed past us like a geek rolling through the trade show floor on a segway. Yeah I saw one rolling strong today, not sure if that makes him really amazing or really 2006 but after my 4 mile walk last night for dinner... maybe not such a bad idea. But back to the reason we’re all hanging out in Vegas, in this crazy heat: to get up close and personal with some really cool technology.

Demo Power at Infocomm 2012 - A Peek at Harman's Latest and Greatest

I headed to InfoComm with wonderfully laid plans to visit five of the loudspeaker demo rooms, and to experience the latest and greatest from some of my favorite speaker manufacturers. By Thursday afternoon, my schedule was pretty full and I had yet to make it to a single demo room. Pitiful, I know (hangs head in shame)! Thus I decided I would make sure I made it to the last JBL Pro demo on Thursday at 3 PM in N101.

Day Three of InfoComm 2012

Since yesterday streamed past us like a geek on a segway, I was kinda expecting Friday to be crazy. Full of, oh I don’t know... more geeks on segways or something epically superior to the wonderfulness that was Thursday at InfoComm. Well, that really didn’t happen. I couldn’t find a segway for anything. And I looked too! What I did find on Day Three at InfoComm was a lot of tired attendees and tired exhibitors.

Matt D. Scott

The Five Ways Integrators Can Improve Their HOW Business

The House Of Worship (HOW) market has existed for centuries for a variety of different industries. Carpenters and masons have worked extensively in this market ever since there have been buildings, providing the intricate woodcarvings and perfect stone archways that grace cathedrals all over the world.

Matt D. Scott

The Art of the Deal

I remember back in the heyday of consumer confidence where everyone was extremely liberal with their pocketbooks. You would sit down with your client after doing your walkthrough, go over the system options, and just throw out a number, say $50K, for that brand new office build out. You'd cover the presentation system in the boardroom, audio throughout the building, a network backbone that will support the early days of videoconferencing to China, you'd control the whole place and have it done at your scheduling discretion because... yes, you were that busy.

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LED & OLED Fruition

Having now had the chance to walk the show floor quite a lot (personally, I’ve been over 22K steps since Wednesday) this year’s InfoComm is looking to have been quite the success. We’re finally seeing all the possibilities that have been promised to us for year in real life and shipping for immediate consumption.