Metric Halo Releases FREE THUMP Plug-In – A Triggered, Subharmonic Percussive Synth with Musicality Intuitive Controls -

Metric Halo Releases FREE THUMP Plug-In – A Triggered, Subharmonic Percussive Synth with Musicality Intuitive Controls

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SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA: Metric Halo, maker of award-winning audio interfaces (such as the ULN-8), plug-ins (such as ChannelStrip and Character), and SpectraFoo sound analysis software, has announced the FREE release of Metric Halo Thump in AU, VST, and AAX formats for both Mac and Windows.

Thump is a percussive subharmonic synth that gets triggered by the audio track that it is inserted on, making it the perfect go-to plug-in for adding sub bass to kick drums and percussion.

Like all Metric Halo products, Thump combines great sound with intuitive user controls and presets so that users can make substantive improvements to their mixes in just moments. Users can obtain their free copy of Thump from:

Thump uses the dynamics of its audio input to control two oscillators, each of which has independent attack and sustain frequencies, dynamics amplitude followers, and pitch amplitude followers. A wet/dry mix adjusts the output and a super useful display makes it easy to set the controls to create the desired effect.

In addition to building low-octave support for bass drum, tom, snare, and other percussive tracks, Thump makes it possible to create kettle drum sounds from regular drum tracks and to recreate the sounds of classic drum synths like the TR-808. Of course, Thump is also great for creating experimental effects that can be subtle, menacing, or bizarre, especially in conjunction with automation.

As Russ Hughes from Pro Tools Expert said in his review of Thump, “There’s all sorts of uses for this, and at the cost of absolutely free, it’s one of those handy things to have in your arsenal… It’s great!”

Based on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Metric Halo provides the world with award-winning software and hardware recording, processing, metering and analysis solutions.


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