Televic Conference Introduces Plixus AE-R Engine for Wired/Wireless Conference Networks -

Televic Conference Introduces Plixus AE-R Engine for Wired/Wireless Conference Networks

The new engine, which does not require a PC during meetings, combines full conference functionality and audio recording in a convenient, quiet 1RU package.
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InfoComm 2018, booth C556 -- TELEVIC CONFERENCE, distributed in the USA by Aveo Systems, has introduced the Plixus® AE-R, a new audio engine for the company’s flagship conferencing system that combines full conference functionality and audio recording in a convenient, quiet,single-rack unit package. The new engine does not require a PC during meetings and makes it easy to combine wired and wireless conferencing systems to support flexible room layouts and more applications. It also includes a new web interface that makes it easy to configure, manage, and record meetings.

Plixus AE-R Engine

Plixus AE-R Engine

The Plixus AE-R engine’s streamlined front panel brings important controls within easy access with a simple volume dial and record button. Integrated storage in the engine ensures flawless recording of multichannel meetings on internal memory or an external USB drive. Dante® interfacing is available via an optional Dante network card.

The engine’s web server provides expanded abilities to users including easily combining wired and wireless microphone setups, changing meeting room configurations for dividing/combining rooms and providing system redundancy through backup wireless access points. More information is available on For purchasing information in the USA, visit


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Revolabs Wired Mics Bring Color to the Conference Room

Revolabs has launched its new line of Elite Wired Microphones at InfoComm today. The new microphone family is both functional and customizable, allowing conference participants to enjoy optimal sound quality and giving customers the option to match the mic with any boardroom color scheme or design concept.

UHF-R Wireless System Joins Shure Line

Shure is now shipping its new UHF-R wireless. With 2,400 selectable frequencies across a 60 MHz bandwidth, UHF-R allows up to 40 preset compatible systems to be operated per band, and up to 108 systems can be put to work using multiple bands. Complementing this expanded window of operation is Shure's Advanced Track Tuning Filtering Technology, which shifts onboard RF filtering within selected frequencies to maximize compatibility and maximize isolation from interference.

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Sennheiser's Conference System Goes Wireless

Sennheiser launched a new wireless extension of the ADN conference system, the ADN-W, at InfoComm last week. The new extension provides increased flexibility to the ADN conferencing system, while delivering automated frequency management and stress free operation.

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133rd AES Convention Introduces Networked Audio Track

Networked Audio will present a host of technological and operational advantages, and an equal number of Workflow issues and potential quagmires. 133rd AES Convention Co-Chair Jim McTigue reports that Networked Audio Track Chair, Tim Shuttleworth’s collaboration with the late Nathan Brock has produced a comprehensive program of Workshops designed to ameliorate many of these concerns.

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Wiring And Cable

GefenTV HDMI 1.3 Flat Cables The GefenTV HDMI 1.3 Flat Cables are copper-based cables enclosed in a durable, flat shape to enable easy runs beneath carpeting or along baseboards and walls. Available in lengths