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TEKVOX TEK 3 Enables Simplified Whole-Room Control For Cisco TelePresence

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TEKVOX is pleased to announce that its award winning TEK 3, the company’s third-generation TekMonitor™ networked AV Room Controller, now integrates seamlessly with Cisco TelePresence to provide unified whole-room control through the Cisco Touch 10 user interface panel.

Until now, TelePresence users wanting whole-room control from a single user interface needed complex and expensive custom software to link their Touch 10 conferencing controls to their in-room display, lighting, audio and video systems. The TEK 3 now integrates with the Cisco Touch 10 requiring no programming or special expertise and provides a unified user experience through the Touch 10.

For simple systems, a TEK 3 is all users need to turn on a display and control lights and blinds with macros or direct device commands. When configuring their TEK 3 system users utilize the free TekWizard™ software to choose drivers for each connected device. Then, using the Cisco In-Room Control web interface, they add buttons to the Touch 10 panel that match the TEK 3 drivers.

“Cisco demonstrated very advanced, outside-the-box thinking with its In-Room Control,” says TEKVOX CTO and Founder, Mike Slattery. “Cisco customers really like the Touch 10 panel but they have always needed an additional third-party panel to control all the connected devices. Now, TEKVOX has made things even easier by consolidating all device control to the Touch 10 interface.”

The TEK 3 solution not only simplifies operation, it drastically reduces the cost of configuring a videoconferencing room by eliminating the need for costly, complex third-party controllers.

TEKVOX developed the innovative TEK 3 driver for Lone Star College, the largest institution of higher education in the Houston area and one of the fastest-growing community colleges in the nation. Its multiple campuses are home to some 95,000 students.

A longtime customer of TEKVOX solutions for collaborative classrooms, Lone Star College had been using expensive third-party controllers for its videoconference rooms. TEKVOX extended the TEK 3 driver library to enable the college to consolidate device control in the easy-to-use Cisco Touch 10 panel. Since the Cisco video system and the peripherals are controlled from the Touch 10 user interface, a consistent user experience is guaranteedthroughout all meeting rooms. 

The TEK 3 driver for Cisco In-Room Control supports Cisco TelePresence MX and SX series and Cisco DX series video systems running Collaboration Endpoint Software v. CE9.0 or later.

“TEKVOX with the Cisco Touch 10 control panel has become our standard configuration at Lone Star for several reasons; we wanted to ensure consistent user experience across our 16 locations, we wanted a reliable interface to reduce classroom issues, and we wanted something that would integrate with the systems we already have,” concludes Butch Juelg, Lone Star Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Services


TEKVOX (http://www.tekvox.com) is a private Texas company offering unique A/V control technology that brings unprecedented affordability, capability and reliability to audio/visual applications in teaching, training, meeting and interactive collaboration. Applying state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise management (EMS) technologies, TEKVOX’s distributed, networked solutions dramatically change the cost of acquiring and operating A/V-rich facilities.


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