AV/IT Team: Visualizing Enterprise Cybersecurity

A state-of-the-art LCD upgrade helps Legato Security analysts stay ahead of the latest network threats.
(Image credit: Haivision)

Legato Security, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a security services firm that provides comprehensive cybersecurity expertise and managed security services. From political campaigns and local governments to small businesses and Fortune 100 companies—Legato Security extends and augments clients’ existing security operations to help them tailor an effective security approach and achieve a responsible security posture. 

Jesse Stoltz, Security Operations Center (SOC) manager at Legato Security, and his team of experienced security analysts ensure 24/7/365 monitoring for their clients. The SOC acts as a hub for overseeing client data and network traffic, and if needed, for actively mitigating security events.

The team at Legato recently came to the realization that their company’s legacy AV system was no longer meeting their high standards for performance. “Prior to implementing a Haivision video wall solution, the Legato SOC utilized a series of independent monitors mounted to the wall,” explained Stoltz. “It was frustratingly slow and tedious to display the needed information. We were less able to work on behalf of our customers quickly and actively.”

Customized and Comprehensive

Jesse Stoltz, Security Operations Center manager at Legato Security.

Jesse Stoltz is the Security Operations Center manager at Legato Security.

(Image credit: Legato Security.)

“We can receive and act on notifications much more quickly. This has accelerated our delivery of security products and services.”

Plagued by visual monitoring delays and the lack of transparency needed to address threats to client data, Legato Security could not risk the negative impact on their delivery of services and client satisfaction. Recognizing the critical need for an advanced visual collaboration solution, Legato Security chose Haivision to customize and install a video wall system that would fit their SOC needs, scale as the company grows, and enhance information security monitoring for their clients.

“We communicated the dimensions of our space and worked with Haivision in an iterative process to understand and evaluate our needs until we collectively landed on a tailored solution,” said Tom Boyden, co-founder, and CEO of Legato Security.

The focal point of the SOC is a Haivision six-by-two video wall which includes 12 55-inch LCD monitors powered by CineNet video wall management software, an Alpha FX Edge processor, CineLink Encoder, and two CineAgent Servers. This combination of software and hardware is fully integrated with Legato Security’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms and web/URL sources to facilitate the capture, selection, control, and display of content. The result is situational awareness, real-time monitoring, and analysis of remote and on-premises security events for Legato Security clients.

Stoltz emphasized that the video wall has been an absolute game-changer for alleviating clients’ cybersecurity concerns. “The Haivision MCS video wall system addressed challenges around immediacy and transparency of critical data and events,” he said. “Simply put, we are better equipped to deliver a better service to our customers.”

With regards to situational awareness in particular, Stoltz elaborated that the complete Haivision solution allows them to respond to emerging security threats at a moment’s notice. “We can receive and act on notifications much more quickly,” said Stoltz. “This has accelerated our delivery of security products and services.”

Stoltz and his team chose a Haivision solution for its robust, easy-to-use management software, as well as its ability to scale to the evolving needs of their company.

Stoltz and his team chose a Haivision solution for its robust, easy-to-use management software, as well as its ability to scale to the evolving needs of their company. (Image credit: Haivision)

Ease of Use and Advanced Control

Haivision solutions have helped Legato Security standardize its security operations and foster collaboration by collating a variety of data inputs for visualization on a single technology platform. With CineNet’s intuitive browser-based user interface, SOC analysts value the ability to quickly customize the display in response to dynamic security needs and setup alerts for tracking of security events. The ability of off-site analysts to monitor network activity is another key feature of the Haivision installation, according to Stoltz: “This allows remote workers to manipulate what is visible on the video, which enables collaboration between local and offsite teams.”

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Ease of use also eliminates the need for programming or extensive training and creates a smooth onboarding process for new analysts. As an added benefit, GuardianCare is available 24/7 to provide expert support for their system if the need arises.

After his overwhelmingly positive experience installing Haivision displays in the Legato SOC, Stoltz had a few words of wisdom for those looking to install video wall solutions: “Peers in our sector should look for video wall technologies with robust, approachable management software. It's important the tools do not get in the way of the product itself,” he said. “Quality of hardware is also very important. Given the large format of many of these solutions, it's important that brightness, resolution, and viewing angle do not negatively impact the solution's effectiveness."

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