Van Gogh Alive at the Dalí Creates Multi-Sensory Experience

Van Gogh Alive at the Dalí Museum invites viewers to a larger-than-life, multi-sensory art experience.
(Image credit: The Dalí Museum)

From his famous "Starry Night" to his radiant "Sunflowers," Vincent van Gogh’s vibrant work invites viewers to revel in color, light, and sound. Dalí Museum visitors can experience Van Gogh’s works in an immersive art experience that harnesses multi-sensory technology, including projection and synchronized music, to open a new window into the celebrated painter’s artistic genius.

The Dalí is the first North American venue to host this mesmerizing version of Van Gogh Alive, which is open until April 11, 2021. Van Gogh Alive offers an innovative way to engage with the work of one of the most popular artists of all time. Visitors will feel the sensation of walking right into Van Gogh’s paintings, an experience that is both educational and inspiring.

The exhibition features more than 3,000 Van Gogh images at enormous scale, viewed through high-definition projectors and synchronized to a powerful classical score. Cinema-quality surround sound amplifies the emotion generated by the works themselves. In addition to the iconic works featured, visitors can examine Van Gogh’s inspiration via photographs and video displayed alongside them. The installationis powered by SENSORY, a unique system developed by Grande Experiences of Melbourne, Australia.

“Dalí seems to intersect in his interests and life with nearly every significant cultural movement, event, or person of our era—Van Gogh is no exception,” said Dr. Hank Hine, executive director of The Dalí Museum. “Van Gogh and Dalí shared a passion for landscape and the portal it provides to a hidden world. A glimpse of Van Gogh’s world will be transformed onto the walls and floors of our gallery, providing a dramatic and awe-inspired experience for our audience.”

“The Dalí Museum is at the forefront of technology, embracing new methods to engage guests in unconventional ways,” he added. “Just as we have used technology to bring both Dalí and his works to life, Van Gogh Alive offers a unique installation that expands how we are able to experience art.”

The Dalí Museum is committed to using technology to create digital and interactive encounters that enhance visitors’ understanding and enjoyment. By partnering with Grande Experiences, The Dalí’s presentation of Van Gogh Alive builds on the Museum’s commitment to artistic innovation, inviting visitors to experience another provocative artist in a new, accessible, and transformative way.

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