The WALL-SMART Mount for the Microsoft Surface Go 2 Touchscreen—What to Know

WALL-SMART's Innovative locking wall mount protects Microsoft’s multi-functional touchscreen from theft and tampering.
(Image credit: WALL-SMART)

A touchscreen as multifunctional as the Microsoft Surface Go 2 deserves to be placed where it’s easily accessible to authorized people within a commercial facility. A specialty engineered adapter from WALL-SMART does just this, securely mounting the device flush within drywall, preventing theft and tampering. 

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The touchscreen locks firmly into the adapter where it can be used to control the lights, music, temperature and other facets of a commercial environment, display images captured by surveillance cameras, and provide access to relevant information. Should the tablet need to be removed for mobile use or service, holding a specially engineered smart key to the right side of the mount’s door cover electronically unlocks the device. The touchscreen can be easily inserted and locked into place when finished. 

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The mount comes with a paintable trim panel that beautifully frames the in-wall touchscreen, making it look like a natural part of the surrounding surface. The WALL-SMART In-Wall Adapter for Microsoft Surface Go 2 Touchscreen is engineered and designed to be installed in drywall during construction. The installation is similar to other drywall construction procedures and requires no additional tools. 

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