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The Latest Streaming Encoders and Processors

Simply put, streaming video has never been bigger. With audiences, employees, and students spread out across the world, it’s streaming technology that’s keeping everyone connected. But for pro-grade applications, a simple smartphone setup isn’t going to cut it. 

That’s where pro AV comes in. With some good capture equipment and the right encoders and processors, institutions can take their streaming game to the next level, creating productions that rival the quality of broadcast TV. The following are the latest devices from top pro AV brands to help you get the job done.

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(Image credit: AJA Video Systems)

AJA’s new BRIDGE LIVE is designed to move Ultra HD or multi-channel HD uncompressed baseband SDI video to and from a wide range of streaming and contribution codecs, reliably and safely over the public internet. Designed in partnership with Comprimato, BRIDGE LIVE is a turnkey solution built for critical streaming applications with high-performance 12G-SDI video encoding/decoding, simultaneous encoding/decoding in HD, stream-based transcoding, flexible I/O, comprehensive metadata support, and closed caption support, all within a compact 1RU form factor with redundant power supplies. BRIDGE LIVE meets the rigorous live video production and delivery demands of Telco, IPTV, and cable operations, broadcast facilities and OB trucks, sports arenas, houses of worship, and beyond with key transport protocols like SRT, RTMP, UDP, and more. Its intuitive interface helps professionals mesh HD/Ultra HD SDI and streaming/IP for live workflows using H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, and H.262/MPEG-2 TS, as well as JPEG 2000 via an additional license.



(Image credit: ATEN)

The ATEN UC9040 StreamLIVE PRO is a portable, all-in-one, multi-channel audio/video mixer device that integrates a 1080p video capture, video recorder, video switch, stream broadcaster, video converter, video splitter, and audio mixer into one compact box to eliminate the hassle of working with different AV equipment. The UC9040 StreamLIVE PRO makes HDMI video sources broadcast for higher-quality live stream to CDN platforms. For added convenience, the UC9040 StreamLIVE PRO provides an intuitive app, making it easier to monitor, edit image layouts, and DVE, PiP, or PbP settings. The UC9040 StreamLIVE PRO is PC and software-free, and with its control panel, it makes livestreaming operations smoother. You can even preview video and monitor audio levels before going live with a web broadcast. 

Blackmagic Web Presenter

Blackmagic Web Presenter

(Image credit: Blackmagic Design)

Blackmagic Web Presenter is designed to simply the process of getting high-quality video directly on the web for a new generation of web broadcasting. It replaces expensive and hard-to-set-up dedicated streaming encoders and lets customers or broadcasters use professional cameras to stream high-quality video through their favorite software and websites, such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and more. Featuring 12G-SDI and HDMI connections, Blackmagic Web Presenter will down convert any SD, HD, and Ultra HD source and make them look like a 720p USB webcam. Because Blackmagic Web Presenter looks like a simple webcam, any webcam compatible software will be able to capture this USB video and audio from any broadcast-quality source without the need for additional drivers. 

Crestron DigitalMedia H.264 Solutions

Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR

(Image credit: Crestron Electronics)

Crestron’s portfolio of live streaming encoders/processors—including HD Streaming Transmitter/Receiver (DM-TXRX-100-STR), Streaming Input Card for DM Switchers (DMC-STR), Streaming Output Card for DM Switchers (DMC-STRO), and HD Streaming Receiver and Room Controller 100 (DM-RMC-100-STR)—enable distribution of high-definition AV signals and content over an IP network. The HD Streaming Transmitter/Receiver is a compact, high-definition H.264 streaming transmitter or receiver for use with a Crestron DigitalMedia system or other application. The Streaming Input Card for DM Switchers provides a single H.264 streaming input for any DigitalMedia Switcher with modular input card slots; while the Streaming Output Card for DM Switchers is a modular output card for DM-MD8X8, DM-MD16X16, or DM-MD32X32 switchers, providing one H.264 streaming output. The HD Streaming Receive and Room Controller 100 is a compact, high-definition H.264 streaming receiver and room controller for use with a DigitalMedia system or other application. 

Extron SMP Series

Extron SMP300

(Image credit: Extron Electronics)

Extron SMP Streaming Media Processors connect students and employees to live or on-demand content anytime, anywhere, on any device. The robust recording and streaming appliances are designed to fit into any workflow for both ad-hoc and scheduled activities. A purpose-built, scalable SMP architecture offers enhanced features and capabilities, above and beyond software, and PC-based recording and streaming. Using any browser on any device, users can remotely control the SMP to start, stop, and pause recordings without touching a physical interface. Content is captured to a USB drive, network share, and enterprise video platforms like Kaltura, Panopto, YuJa, and OpenCast with simplicity of use, video quality, and proven reliability.  

Kramer VIA

Kramer VIA Connect PLUS

(Image credit: Kramer Electronics)

Kramer’s VIA solutions are engineered to make it easier to live stream to all the leading platforms, like YouTube, Kaltura, and Panopto, as well as conduct interactive sessions using your favorite conferencing tools like Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Educators and employers alike enjoy all the benefits of VIA’s full suite of tools, while in-class/at-work and at-home students/WFH employees enjoy a user-friendly learning/work experience; ideal for the COVID-19 era. 

Magewell Ultra Stream

Magewell Ultra Stream

(Image credit: Magewell)

Magewell’s Ultra Stream encoders are designed to make live streaming simple even for non-technical users, enabling them to stream or record high-quality video with one click using on-device buttons, a browser-based web interface, or a smartphone app. Available with HDMI or SDI input interfaces, Ultra Stream encoders let users stream to popular services including YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and Twitch, or to a custom-specified server. In addition to outputting live streams, Ultra Stream encoders can record video as files to a directly connected USB drive, internal storage, or the associated smartphone for subsequent on-demand viewing. Recent Ultra Stream updates have added enhanced file recording modes as well as support for the RTSP streaming protocol alongside existing RTMP and RTMPS capabilities.

Marshall Electronics VS-102-HDI

Marshall Electronics VS-102-HDI

(Image credit: Marshall Electronics)

The VS-102-HDI is a high-definition video server that allows real-time transmission of HDMI or NTSC/PAL composite video signal along with bi-directional AAC encoded high-definition stereo audio over standard IP networks and the internet. Marshall Electronics’ VS-102-HDI incorporates advanced H.264 and MJPEG compression technology. This allows 50 percent more compression capacity over an existing IP network, while providing optimal video transmission quality even in networks with limited bandwidth. The unit can act as an encoder to compress and transmit AV data over a LAN to another VS-102-HDI located in a green room or other location. The other unit can act as a decoder, which receives the compressed data through the LAN and restores the data to its original high definition state.  

Matrox Maevex 6100 Series

Matrox Maevex 6100

(Image credit: Matrox)

Matrox Maevex 6100 Series encoders and decoders deliver multiple 4K streams of high-compression, high-quality video and audio over 1GbE networks—at exceptional low latency as low as 50ms. Maevex can push many streams over the LAN, feed cloud-based servers, securely stream across the internet, and record to any location—all concurrently. Both the encoders and decoders can also composite multiple encodes or decodes for tremendous flexibility, and allow for mixed display content from multiple encoders. The included Maevex PowerStream Plus software provides a simplified operational experience, enabling control of all Maevex devices from a single application. Multiple APIs and SDKs for customization and integration are also available.

MuxLab 500467

MuxLab 500467

(Image credit: MuxLab)

The HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Capture and Streamer (500467) allows users to record from HDMI video sources to a PC over USB 3.0. The unit supports an HDMI-in port for the source and HDMI Loop Out for a monitor. The 500467 is capable of connecting to a 4K60 source and will stream at up to 1080p60 over the USB 3.0 port to a PC or similar device to record and/or send the video to a broadcasting service such as YouTube, Facebook, and other broadcasting services. The device is compatible with OBS Studio, AMCap, etc., and supports a variety of HDMI sources such as cameras, game consoles, media players, and many others. The unit supports an audio-in port for a microphone, which is automatically mixed with the HDMI audio, and an audio out port for headphones, or active speakers. 

NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite

NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite

(Image credit: Vizrt Group)

NewTek’s TriCaster 2 Elite provides video producers, visual storytellers, and system integrators with “better-than-broadcast” functionality and uncompromised flexibility. In addition to advanced video production capabilities, TriCaster 2 Elite enables studios, broadcasters, large-scale campuses, and enterprise facilities to harness nearly every major video calling application in use today, delivering them a myriad of creative options. To further amplify the flexibility and scalability, both video over IP and more traditional SDI are supported by the platform. TriCaster 2 Elite is designed to set a new standard for production in today’s multisource world with new core functionality. Nearly every web conferencing tool is supported, as well as all IP video sources and smartphones.

tvONE CORIOmaster2

tvONE CORIOmaster2

(Image credit: tvONE)

tvONE’s CORIOmaster2 is an all-in-one, multi-window video processor delivering advanced processing power. CORIOmaster2 supports more windows with higher quality with uncompromised 4K60 and 8K-ready performance.  Standout features of CORIOmaster2 include its high bandwidth, huge design canvas, and 8K ready architecture. With 752Gb/sec of bandwidth, CORIOmaster2 can simultaneously display 40 windows in 4K60 4:4:4 with ultra-low latency. It offers AV designers access to triple 64k x 64k canvasses, with up to 12.3 gigapixels of design space, enough to accommodate the most expansive creative vision. The unit is 8K ready, future-proofing tvONE customers’ investment in their video processor. 



(Image credit: VITEC)

VITEC’s MGW Diamond is an IP streaming encoder that enables 4K HEVC multi-channel HD contribution as either a portable device or openGear card. This four-channel encoder, with low latency and low bandwidth HEVC, enables reliable remote production, even over the internet. The MGW Diamond was recently deployed by a sports broadcaster to support remote commentary from multiple sources, and in different languages, to enhance live events. The broadcaster leverages the benefits of the MGW Diamond to simultaneously send a live audio-video feed to foreign commentators for audio translation that is sent back to the production studio. VITEC’s MGW Diamond solution delivers very low latency, ensuring comments can be mixed live, with as little delay as possible for the end user experience.

ZeeVee ZyPerMX2/MX4

ZeeVee ZyPer Family

(Image credit: ZeeVee)

The ZyPerMX2 and ZyperMX4 multi-source H.264 encoders support HLS, RTP, UDP, and RTMP, the most-used protocols for live streaming on sites such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other popular content distribution networks. Able to stream two or four sources of multiple streaming formats simultaneously over IP networks, these encoders expand the range of devices each channel can support. This protocol support extends the ways customers can use the company’s products for streaming live content and gives them the freedom to choose the distribution method—direct or via a CDN—that suits any situation. The ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 also support AAC, a widely used and often preferred audio compression format, in addition to supporting MP2 and AC3 formats.

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