The Future of Personal Tech Repair

Gizmo Bar
(Image credit: Zytronic)

Zytronic recently collaborated with Gizmo Bar, a new business in Greenville, SC's NOMA Square that combines the function of a tech repair facility with the inviting comfort of a plush lounge. The 3,000-square-foot space is outfitted with interactive technology powered by Zytronic’s Zybrid multitouch sensors and the company's latest ZXY500 touch controllers, which combine to deliver a mix of durability and interactive responsiveness.

“Our vision is to deliver the convenience of on-site tech repair in a comfortable lounge atmosphere where people enjoy lingering to have a drink while their personal tech products are repaired on-site,” said Gizmo Bar founder Shaun Robertson. “Gizmo Bar aims to turn the inconvenience of tech repair on its head and deliver a social, communal experience that keeps people coming back.”

The bar itself is comprised of interactive touch screens, powered by Zytronic, which enable guests to browse the web while they wait.

The bar itself is comprised of interactive touch screens, powered by Zytronic, which enable guests to browse the web while they wait. (Image credit: Zytronic)

Gizmo Bar patrons can take a seat at the bar while their repairs are underway and enjoy a diverse selection of local craft brews. The bar itself is comprised of interactive touch screens which enable guests to browse the web and catch up on work while they wait. A total of six 50-inch uniquely designed multitouch screens span the length of the bar, making it possible for 12 or more people to utilize the screens’ interactive capabilities simultaneously. For added convenience, patrons can use the touch screens to order-in food from local restaurants using popular dining delivery platforms such as UberEats, BiteSquad, and Grubhub.

“The bar top itself is comprised of touch screens arranged end-to-end, therefore we needed a solution rugged enough to withstand heavy use," added Robertson. "We chose Zytronic because they were able to design and manufacture a bespoke interactive solution made of extremely durable glass, while maintaining flawless interactivity with zero latency.”

The most common repairs made at Gizmo Bar, like phone and tablet screen replacement, can be done on-site and usually within an hour. Gizmo staff members are also trained to repair drones.

“The touch-interactive bar we showcase in Gizmo Bar’s Greenville location is just the beginning. We’ll soon be updating the interactive bar with Zytronic’s proprietary Object Recognition technology, making it possible to simply place an item on the bar’s surface and have relevant information displayed automatically," said Robertson. "For example, specially designed coasters could pull up information about the local craft breweries that supply our taps—it’s a great way to create a deeper connection between our customers and the products we offer.”

Gizmo Bar's Greenville location serves as proof-of-concept for what Robertson plans to roll-out much more broadly in the Southeastern U.S., with openings planned in Charlotte and Atlanta. Future iterations of the Gizmo Bar concept may include a boutique retail component that features tech products from crowdfunding entrepreneurs and other small-scale tech manufacturers often overlooked by conventional retailers.

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