The future of immersive education will be live, social, and personalized (VentureBeat)

"AR and VR have delivered on the promise to supercharge the enterprise’s education and training industry. From workflow support for sectors like manufacturing where factory floors are made consistently more safe and productive, to teaching employees soft skills that allow them to better adapt to the ever more nuanced demands of the modern workplace, these “embodied” digital formats inherently drive positive results because both our cognition and bodies believe the experience to be real."—Source: VentureBeat

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Completion numbers for traditional online courses tend to be lower than their face-to-face counterparts, but could immersive environments change that? When coursework is completed in virtual reality, students are more likely to finish their work. The potential for AR and VR as edtech goes well beyond engagement, though — VentureBeat takes a deep dive into where these technologies are heading.