Study: You'll Be Surprised How Much Time Is Wasted Setting Up Hybrid Meetings

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New research from MAXHUB reveals that nearly three fifths (59%) of employees admit it takes them up to ten minutes to set up virtual videoconferencing technology as needed when working in the office. Surprisingly 18–24-year-olds struggled the most to get the tech set up with 78% taking up to ten minutes, dropping to 57% of 55–64-year-olds taking the same amount of time. With over a third of Brits (34%) having up to five meetings every week that require videoconferencing technology, a potential 200 minutes every month or 40 hours a year are being wasted on tech set-up alone, costing businesses time and money.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of UK workers also admitted to feeling excluded when joining a virtual work meeting remotely because of the technology being used. This increased to 27% in the 18–24-year-old age range, as the new working generation seem to be particularly impacted by the challenges of hybrid working.

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“The way we work has evolved massively in the last few years and its evident that hybrid working is here to stay. However, many businesses have not enhanced their audiovisual (AV) equipment at the same pace to meet new hybrid working requirements, despite the breadth of high quality, affordable video conferencing technology that has been brought to market. Employees expect their employers to provide them with the correct hybrid working equipment to best undertake their roles and ensure they are able to feel as engaged and involved in meetings as possible, with collaboration being a particular point of importance,” said Tony McCool, UK and Ireland sales manager at MAXHUB.

“It is crucial that all businesses carefully assess their AV needs and the design of AV within meeting spaces, as when correctly undertaken, it can help employees feel empowered in their work, and in turn, drive improved performances and productivity across the business.”  

Collaboration as a Priority

Despite hybrid working making meetings more accessible for many, challenges remain in terms of implementation. 28% of workers do not feel that their company has the correct hybrid working technology in place to support them in doing their job to the highest standard. This lack of technology negatively impacts employee’s ability to collaborate with remote workers, connect with those in the office when working remotely, and interact with their colleagues as they would in person.

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In fact, nearly half (48%) ranked easy to use and user-friendly technology as their top priority when it came to using in-office video conferencing technology to collaborate with colleagues in a hybrid capacity. A further 37% of employees highlighted a good quality microphone as essential so that everyone in the room can be heard equally, and another 37% named the ability to plug your laptop in and start a meeting immediately, with no hassle, as crucial for hybrid working success.

It therefore is no surprise to see that over half (54%) of UK workers state that having the correct technology provided by a company is a consideration for them when looking for a job. This rises to nearly three-quarters (74%) of 18-24-year-olds, many of whom are likely to be looking for their first professional roles, showing just how important hybrid working technology is in the fight for talent.

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