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Software Upgrade 'Virtualizes' Ashly Audio WR-5 Remote

Ashly Audio's WR-5 virtualized remote (Image credit: Ashly Audio)

The What: A virtualized version of the company’s popular WR-5 remote is an upshot of Ashly Audio upgrading its AquaControl software suite.

The What Else: The virtual WR-5 remote operates on commonly used touchscreen devices, allowing end users to quickly and easily control their on-site audio systems with the tap of a digital button. The software also includes additional notifications for preset recall and import, improvements to tips and warnings, and the ability to save and load individual presets to and from files and templates.

The Bottom Line: The upgraded software is part of Ashly's commitment to long-term support of its overall audio solutions platform. In April, Ashly announced an overhaul of its ducker within the AquaControl software that brings improved flexibility and smoothness of operation, free from incorrect triggering and uncomfortable volume changes. This enabled greater customization of priority signal management to deliver a better customer experience in schools, hotels, retail stores and restaurants. The upgrades are part of AquaControl firmware release v1.2.4, available as a free download at


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