PSNI Global Alliance Adds Tierney as New Affiliate -

PSNI Global Alliance Adds Tierney as New Affiliate

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PSNI Global Alliance has added Tierney as a new North American affiliate. Tierney, based out of St. Paul, MN is the latest company to join the global integrator lineup. 


“We are thrilled to announce that Tierney has joined our growing global community,“ said PSNI Global Alliance executive director Chris Miller. “We have designed our affiliate program to expand business capabilities and improve peer-to-peer collaboration locally, regionally and globally. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Tierney which will be of great benefit to PSNI’s existing network of integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service providers.” 

PSNI Global Alliance integrator members benefit from access to a vetted network of technology integrators in more than 140 locations around the world, allowing for extended capabilities and opportunities for the network.

“Tierney’s membership with PSNI Global Alliance was very strategic as we wanted to be with other best-in-class integrators and service providers in our industry,” said Rob Gag, CEO of Tierney. “We wanted to make sure we are providing our customers with leading-edge technology that PSNI’s Preferred Vendor Partners offer while having enterprise-class partners locally and globally to further support our customers.”


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PSNI Global Alliance made its 2018 board of directors official during the organization’s annual Supersummit. The 2018 board will include a combination of North American and global members to reflect the goals and opportunities identified by the executive leadership team for the alliance.

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Tulsa, OK-- Professional Systems Network International (PSNI) announced that Data Projections , a Houston-based audiovisual integrator, has been approved for affiliation by consent of the PSNI stockholders.   Data Projections is an audiovisual systems designer and integrator providing advanced communications product