Projecting Architecture at Das Schloss Berlin -

Projecting Architecture at Das Schloss Berlin

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After two years design and planning, two months of installation and two weeks of setup, Das Schloss shopping center in Berlin unveiled a new AV Stumpfl installation that projects an ocean view onto the ceiling.

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The ceiling at Das Schloss displays a stunning underwater view
F1 Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologien und Managementberatung mbH, working in collaboration with VIOSO GmbH, installed 15 AV Stumpfl’s Wings VIOSO software packages for calibration and projection mapping, 15 Wings VIOSO servers for playback of high-resolution content, Wings Touch for simplified operation and Wings Avio Manager for system control and communication between system components.

"We wanted projected multimedia to cover the 1,200 meter interior of the shopping center," said Oliver Mohr, center manager at Das Schloss. “ Because the interior has a lot of architectural lighting, we wanted the visual system to be evenbrighter so our visitors could fully immerse themselves in an underwater world. In 2014, we selected a talented design team who could commit their time and energy intocreating something really innovative and functional and we even had a lot of fun working with this project team! The final result of the project adds a new and extraordinary dimension to the shopping experience!”

F1 Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologien und Managementberatung mbH designed the installation with longevity and return on investment in mind. Now Das Schloss has an ‘underwater’ theme inspired by the brand new multimedia content designed by artistic collective Werft 6 GbR in Dusseldorf.

“We wanted to keep the content looking as natural as possible," said Hajo Rappe at Werft 6, CEO and founder. "We joined the fully digital underwater world to shoot footage using motion capture of real-life divers and to create an animation of the most realistic sea creatures and scenery.”

A total of 78 Barco F32 video projectors are controlled by 15 computers, projecting an underwater scene of coral, schools of fish and even mermaids along three circular areas of a 1,200 metres squared ceiling as the people below go about their shopping sprees. The entire projection canvas is about 16K by 16K square pixels and is in a curved L-shape.

“It was a complex project," said Silke Schirmer, managing director at F1 Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologien und Managementberatung mbH. "One challenge was to get a single seamless image with a geometric edge blend and partial projection parts. The setup, maintenance and running of the new system needed to be done at night when the shopping centre was closed so it was important to have a system which was easy to set up and use.”

The projected images for the ceiling of Das Schloss utilizes the patented auto-align warp and map feature of AV Stumpfl Wings VIOSO. 2 cameras were used to automatically determine the warping & blending of the ceiling. Thus, the watery landscape at Das Schloss is uncompromised.

Wings Touch is a Drag & Drop Editor that can easily create and edit user interfaces - from background layouts to designing and connecting controls - and can run from any device such as a smartphone, tablet or touch device.

Wings Avio Manager can combine software and hardware tools that would usually have come from different manufacturers. It offers all the required tools for arranging video, text, images and audio into one show.

“We thank everyone involved in this great project and look forward for frequent change of content and much more entertaining ideas with this large display,” said Emanuel Züger, managing director of VIOSO GmbH.


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