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Manley Labs Introduces Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Dual Mono Mic Preamp

Manley Labs Special Edition Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier

The What: Manley Laboratories has released a special limited edition run of its classic Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifiers with special blue and black cosmetics, in honor of the company’s 30th anniversary. The company first began building these units nearly 30 years ago, when the Pro Audio division of the company was born.

The What Else: Though Manley’s current equipment lineup is designed with more modern, efficient manufacturing techniques in mind, the Dual Mono Mic Preamp comes from an era where products were painstakingly built in a decidedly old-school fashion. 

“There are a tremendous number of American labor hours required to hand-wire each Dual Mono Microphone preamplifier,” said company president EveAnna Manley. “But because we are in the audio business—always listening! We have decided to celebrate our 30 Years of Manley pro audio production with a run of these classic cornerstone products.”

The Bottom Line: The limited edition units are available now through select Manley resellers worldwide with an MSRP of $3,300.

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