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KUDO 3.0 Offers Dial-In Access and Security Enhancements

KUDO v3.0
(Image credit: KUDO)

The What: KUDO, Inc. has launched v3.0 of its cloud-based solution for multilingual meetings and live events. The chief enhancement is a feature that allows clients to seamlessly accommodate off-line users into a multilingual meeting through ordinary phone lines. The dial-in feature enables users to remotely join a meeting by calling a dedicated number from a landline or mobile phone. After that, users simply enter the meeting ID and join the call in their preferred language. The new feature is available to any caller in the U.S., with more countries being added in the coming months.

The What Else: KUDO v3.0 also rolled out extensive security enhancements that cut across every aspect of the platform, making the meetings almost impenetrable by uninvited guests, according to the company. Here’s how Parham Akhavan, KUDO’s VP of product and engineering, justifies the many hours spend on making  KUDO safer: “For an online-based platform, security goes way beyond encryption and access control. Our focus is to become unhackable.”

KUDO v3.0 also offers something to interpreters, namely the ability to seamless take turns at the microphone even when the two interpreters are not sharing the same physical space. In v3.0 the Interpreter Interface features a handover button and a streamlined workflow for shift splitting. With just two clicks, the interpreters can switch the microphone between them and manage one same language channel from totally different locations. And they can do so with no distractions and without interruptions for the client. 

The Bottom Line: KUDO says v3.0 boasts a "state-of-the-art platform that includes support for all kinds of multilingual meetings and live events, with an innovative mix of technology and human language talent to bridge language and geographic barriers."

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