JackTrip Soundscapes Platform Takes Musicians to Virtual Environments

JackTrip Labs
(Image credit: JackTrip Labs)

Musicians can now rehearse and perform live together in virtual environments that sound just like the real world using the new JackTrip Soundscapes Platform. Launched by Silicon Valley-based JackTrip Labs, this innovative new platform allows JackTrip Virtual Studio users the ability to transform their online musical performances by replicating preset audio environments, including large and small halls, cathedrals, rehearsal rooms, and echoing spaces, among others. 

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JackTrip Soundscapes is powered by a patent-pending, cloud-based DSP engine designed to provide authentic online experiences for groups of any size.

“JackTrip Labs holds the reputation of having the best audio quality of any online real-time music platform," said Mike Dickey, CEO of JackTrip Labs. "We are excited to amplify our world-class audio experience by enabling musicians to sweeten their sound through our new powerful cloud-based capabilities of JackTrip Soundscapes. At JackTrip Labs, we believe that immersive online experiences start with authentic sound, which requires low latency, high quality, and realistic acoustic environments. We are excited to lead the way in all three.”

DSP in the Cloud

Soundscapes presets are powered by JackTrip’s open source library of signal processing, which includes features like:

  • Band pass filter — low and high frequency filtering
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Reverb options
  • Panning and spatialization
  • Noise Gate

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Musicians may combine plugins together into signal chains that apply effects to the full mix and individual tracks without sacrificing latency. JackTrip Virtual Studio subscribers can now use the JackTrip Soundscapes web interface to design, load, save, and share new acoustical environmental presets. Premium subscribers may utilize both the built-in presets as well as having the power to customize their effects and share with others, while JackTrip free tier subscribers will get access to built-in presets.

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