Improving Digital Content Strategy in the Age of COVID-19 (The EvoLLLution)

"Beginning with the advent of the World Wide Web, a slow, uneven but inexorable trend has dragged higher education toward the rest of society. As knowledge has become generally accessible, higher education has slowly and often painfully lumbered to adapt its systems to accommodate students who expect higher education to be as user-friendly as online banking or shopping on Amazon."—Source: The EvoLLLution

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No one was fully prepared for the disruption of COVID-19 and the quick shift to remote learning. But the crisis just accelerated a trend that was already well-established—the migration to digital teaching and learning. The question now: What is your campus strategy for a truly cohesive digital content ecosystem, one that aggregates LMS access, e-books, vital components of student life and wellness, all in one seamless digital experience?