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iLuminate's Miral Kotb Joins the TIDE Conference at InfoComm 2019

Luminate's Miral Kotb Joins the TIDE Conference at InfoComm 2019

 Miral Kotb, founder of entertainment technology company iLuminate, will offer the afternoon keynote at AVIXA's TIDE Conference in Orlando, Fla., on June 11. Kotb will share how her personal journey as a software developer and dancer led her to create iLuminate, which combines dance, technology, and light to deliver a unique audience experience.

Now in its third year, TIDE is a conference for creators — from design, integration, live events, architecture, and brand experience — who are shaping the future of integrated experiences. TIDE takes place during InfoComm 2019.

"Co-inspiration is so exciting because we find new respect for what other people do," said Kotb. "A dancer can meet a software developer and think, 'Oh, it's all PC. I don't get it,' and they might go their own way. But we force people from very different backgrounds together. We bring costume designers, dancers, engineers, and others to work closely together to create an unforgettable experience for the audience."

Kotb received a degree in Computer Science from Columbia University while honing her dance skills in New York City. In 2009, she combined those two passions to create iLuminate, which mixes wearable LED technologies with choreography performed in the dark to create interactive audience experiences. iLuminate took viewers by storm in 2011 when America voted it to be one of the finalists on the hit television show America's Got Talent. Kotb has programmed iLuminate's technology for Grammy-winning musicians Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, and Death Cab for Cutie, and shows such asDancing with the Stars and the American Music Awards.

Also joining the lineup of TIDE speakers is Trey Courtney, Chief Product Officer for Mood Media, an in-store media solutions company. Courtney will explore how engaging sight, sound, scent, systems, and social sharing heightens the customer experience. Prior to Mood Media, Courtney worked in a variety of product management and professional service roles at companies like Accenture and eBay.

Bart Kresa, Master Projection Designer and Founder of BARTKRESA studio, will provide the TIDE audience with a deep dive into the process of transforming the iconic Space Shuttle Endeavor and surrounding pavilion into King Tut's tomb through the magic of projection mapping. He will share insights from the creative process; technical requirements for mapping short-term, live experiences; and how the two seemingly opposing forces of creative and technical come together.

TIDE will also feature a panel discussion about the science and creativity of surface haptics, which bring programmable textures and feelings to physical surfaces including digital displays. The panel will examine how surface haptics can cultivate a heightened level of engagement by connecting through a new dimension. Margot Douaihy, Editor-at-Large of AV Technology, will moderate the panel of experts, which include David Anderson, President and CEO of Mimo Monitors; Tosh Chiang, Manager of Exhibits & Electronics Engineering for the California Academy of Sciences; Ed Colgate, Co-Founder of Tanvas; and Gilad Kat, P&G Europe Communication Planning Director for Mediacom Tel-Aviv.

"TIDE is a forum for sharing and absorbing ways to think differently about designing experiences," said Jeff Day, President of North of 10 Advisors and moderator for TIDE. "We're bringing together talent from diverse walks of life that exemplify how to use technology for unique applications to create something spectacular. We want attendees to arrive with an open mind and leave excited to take chances in their creative endeavors."

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