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IHSE to Focus on KVM for Professional Audio and IP KVM at SMPTE 2019 Technical Conference

In Booth 109 at the SMPTE Technical Conference (held Oct. 21-24 in Los Angeles), IHSE will present solutions focusing on network-based KVM and KVM solutions integrated with the Avid Pro Tools | S6 audio control surface. 

SMPTE attendees can learn more about IHSE's KVM solutions for AVID's Pro Tools | S6 Audio Mixing Control Surfaces and how to create hybrid-IP KVM systems for transparent integration to existing IHSE KVM switch systems.

Scroll through the gallery below to see what IHSE will be presenting at the show.

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Avid Pro Tools | S6 With IHSE USA's Network KVM Solution

(Image credit: IHSE)

Avid Pro Tools | S6 With IHSE USA's Network KVM Solution

At SMPTE 2019, IHSE will present integrated KVM sharing between Avid Pro Tools | S6 workstations using a Draco tera compact switch with HDMI vario extenders over Cat X. The S6 modular control surface includes network KVM options through an interface based on the IHSE KVM protocol, a feature that better integrates switching between multiple digital audio workstations. 

With networked KVM capabilities enabled, Avid S6 users can enjoy the benefits of integrated KVM control to take advantage of faster workflows and extended visual feedback during editing sessions. Through the S6 Master Module, the central hub of the S6 surface, users can configure the network KVM to allow easy mixing and control of multiple music and/or audio post projects created on different audio workstations simultaneously, all from a single control surface.

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IHSE's R488 Secure IP Remote Access (SIRA) Gateway for KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse)

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IHSE IP CON R488 Remote Access Gateway

IHSE's R488 Secure IP Remote Access (SIRA) Gateway for KVM reduces the time and cost associated with managing multisite computer sources by combining networked workstations and local computers under a single display-management system, according to the company. 

The SIRA Gateway is designed for use with IHSE Draco tera KVM switches and is compatible with the Draco vario extender series and Draco vario chassis. The SIRA Gateway module connects the KVM matrix to private or public TCP/IP networks, bringing more flexibility to a Draco tera matrix without sacrificing the philosophy of securely isolating the core matrix and signal management from TCP/IP.

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IHSE Draco vario Remote IP-CPU Extender

(Image credit: IHSE)

IHSE Draco vario Remote IP-CPU Extender

IHSE's L488 Secure IP Remote Access (SIRA) Gateway is a remote IP-CPU extender module supporting multiple protocols for remote access in direct or virtual machine access configurations. This virtual KVM solution enables the integration of virtual servers into existing Draco tera KVM physical switch systems, creating a streamlined multitasking virtual environment where multiple operating systems and applications can be accessed directly from the physical consoles of the Draco KVM system.

The L488 extender module is particularly suited to control rooms with virtualized process automation, network operations centers that require real-time access to real and virtual target devices, and TV and film industry environments that rely increasingly on virtualized desktops. Users can access virtual machines directly from their own KVM-connected workstations via remote desktop protocol or perform simple PC maintenance remotely. The extensive functionality of the Draco KVM system offers options such as real-time switching; sharing; private mode; and flexible, unrestricted access to all connected computers and virtual machines.

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