How to Support Mental Health for University Cybersecurity Professionals (EdTech Magazine)

"Protecting a higher education institution’s sensitive information is a high-stress job. The day-to-day responsibility of maintaining a secure technology environment is a lot for an individual to bear, and experts suggest that the pressure and expectations placed on the cybersecurity unit, and on the CISO in particular, can take a toll on their mental health."—Source: EdTech Magazine

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Safeguarding campus systems is a stressful job, which begs an important question: How can we best support the wellness of higher ed cybersecurity professionals. “We’re so good in cybersecurity at documenting and creating playbooks, creating opportunities for structure and discipline, to deal with large volumes and make everything manageable,” says Netskope's Shamla Naidoo, adding that mental health is similar and that there needs to be "a playbook for helping people and teaching them how to navigate this.”