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How To Get Students to Engage With Your College Like They Engage With Amazon (The EvoLLLution)

"eCommerce giants have mastered and remastered the science of leveraging shopper behavior data to engage website visitors and drive sales. Every search entry, page view, click and scroll provides a valuable opportunity for insight into the motivations and interests of shoppers. Sites like Amazon capture, analyze and leverage every one of them on a micro level. This results in experiences that are carefully designed to anticipate shopper behavior, proactively present products to fulfill their specific needs, and create urgency to make a purchase."—Source: The EvoLLLution

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When it comes to customer service, students expectations today are built, in large part, by their e-commerce experiences, with personalized, tailored content and preference tracking that identifies their needs. Institutions are taking a page from the Amazon playbook to make the campus experience more student-centered and user-friendly.