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How to Cope With Covid-19 Burnout (Chronicle of Higher Education)

"Rebecca Pope-Ruark was the kind of professor whom other professors could be forgiven for envying. Hard-working, accomplished, and inventive, she spent years at Elon University happily teaching professional writing and rhetoric. She wrote a book on how to juggle the many responsibilities of being an academic. And when the chance to build a capstone project for juniors and seniors came up, she dove in with enthusiasm. It was a complex challenge, requiring hours every day negotiating with multiple service-learning partners, other faculty members, and students."—Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

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The transition to remote learning during COVID-19's widespread campus  closures has not been easy. Instructors shifted their pedagogy and worked harder than ever to connect with students, and for some of them, the extra work during a global pandemic has taken its toll.