Here's How UX Global Brightened up a UK Retail Store with Philips LED Technology

The high-brightness Philips LED display shines outside a UK retail store with the green logo of a shoe store and a smiling woman in sneakers.
(Image credit: UX Global)

Leeds-based digital out-of-home (DOOH) display specialist and certified PPDS Platinum Partner for Philips professional displays UX Global, has completed the first installation of the brand new Philips P3.1 high bright 7000 Series LED screen technology in the UK. 

“The quality of the new Philips high bright LED technology installed at the Bristol store has proven to be an immediate success for Footasylum, punching through the reflective glass and creating an attention-grabbing first impression to draw customers into the store," explained Alistair Wright, managing director at UX Global.

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“The bold choice to utilize this new technology has helped to maximize return on investment from the refurbishment," Wright continued. "It is this kind of unrestricted creativity in any size, shape, or location while maintaining the highest visual quality that makes LED so appealing and we are confident this latest installation will stand the test of time for some years to come.” 

The 3.5x3.75-meter large format LED digital display screen was installed on the High Street-facing wall of UX Global’s retail client Footasylum’s newly refurbished Cabot Circus store in Bristol.  

The Philips P.3 high bright 7000 Series LED is the display manufacturer’s most energy efficient and cost effective ever. In response to the challenge of the site being in direct sunlight and in a confined space, UX Global’s expert digital signage team worked with the Philips professional displays team to recommend it, because of its capability to deliver clarity and performance in even the most challenging lighting conditions, and its flat design. 

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UX Global carried out the installation works over two consecutive nights so that trading and the smooth running of the store was unaffected. A light sensor was also installed to alter the brightness of the huge LED display screen so that it is suitable and comfortable for viewing in both sunny periods and overnight, with added energy saving benefits. 

 “We are delighted to see the launch of this vibrant new LED range in the UK with UX Global," said Lee Rudd, Philips LED business manager in the UK. "Versatility, safety, efficiency, and resilience are all built in with the Philips 7000 Series LED display and this high bright range brings added opportunity for stores to surprise and delight their customers with mesmerizing masterpieces in store windows and lighter areas, extending brand experiences and attracting footfall. We look forward to Footasylum reaping the results from this fantastic display.” 

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Established in 2005, Footasylum has made a name for itself as one of UK’s the leading retailers of fashion streetwear and sportswear with a young, trend-conscious customer base. Footasylum works with UX Global to create exciting, memorable, immersive digital in-store experiences, which showcase the brands on offer. Previously, this has included the implementation of a completely flexible cloud-based digital display content management system (CMS) from NowSignage across all 60 Footasylum stores in the UK, and the provision of additional 4K displays and signage licenses.  

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