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Harro Heinz Retires

Harro Heinz Retirement
(Image credit: Renkus-Heinz)

Tom Brady hung 'em up at 44. Harro Heinz decided to call it a career at 92.


(Image credit: Renkus-Heinze)

Having successfully navigated the challenges of the past two years and now riding strong sales and business development momentum, Renkus-Heinz (opens in new tab) is organizing for the next wave of growth with the appointment of Monika Smetona to the role of president. Previously serving as CFO of the privately held loudspeaker manufacturer (opens in new tab) and a member of the founding Heinz family, Smetona will rely on Ralph Heinz, CTO, to lead the company into the future. Together, they are optimally positioned to further realize the potential of Renkus-Heinz.

Monika Smetona

Monika Smetona (Image credit: Renkus-Heinz)

“At Renkus-Heinz, Monika has worked her way up from handling finances and HR to now maintaining the smooth running of the factory," Harro Heinz said. "She has become central to our organization, our culture, and our continued success, and I am confident that together with Ralph, she will keep us on the same positive trajectory for the next phase of our development.” 

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Harro Heinz

Harro Heinz (Image credit: Renkus-Heinz)

“Monika Smetona is the ideal candidate for president," added Ralph Heinz. "She has the fiscal conservatism and discipline along with strengths in operations and human resources. To complement Monika’s duties, I will continue as CTO to provide future-looking vision and to ensure continued innovation.”

Ralph Heinz

Ralph Heinz (Image credit: Renkus-Heinze)

"As I step into this role, I walk in the footsteps of one of the industry’s most accomplished executives," said Smetona. "I welcome the challenge and I look forward to collaborating with our strong team to forge a new period of sustained innovation and growth at Renkus-Heinz!” 

“Looking back at more than 40 years with Renkus-Heinz, there are many current and former employees whose help was critical to get us to where we are," Harro Heinz noted. "From the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful for their contribution, and I am blessed that both my son and my daughter are interested in the business and are well equipped to accelerate the growth, while keeping it a private enterprise dedicated to creating a better sound solution. I am fortunate that I will continue my involvement with Renkus-Heinz through my board of director position.”

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