Go Inside the Vegas Sphere—Sights and Sounds from Social Media

The Vegas Sphere opens with a U2 concert among immersive visuals.
(Image credit: Kevin Mazur-Getty Images)

Since it lit up the Las Vegas strip on July 4, we have been bringing you the latest news on the Pro AV marvel that is the Vegas Sphere. From AI art displays to HOLOPLOT's Sphere Immersive Sound, Sphere Entertainment's massive orb is taking the immersive visual and aural experience to an all new level.

Here, you can find out everything to know about the Vegas Sphere from July 4 to right now by clicking or tapping HERE

U2 finally opened the Vegas Sphere on Sept. 29, and since then, clips of the show have been popping up all over the social media apps. Take a look below at some of our favorite views so far. 

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