From Textbook Rentals to Education Provider (Inside Higher Ed)

"Student services company Chegg announced plans last week to acquire the online coding school Thinkful. To investors in the ed-tech space, the deal was not a surprising one -- lots of ed-tech companies have been busy acquiring boot camps of late. Earlier this year, online program management company 2U snapped up Trilogy Education for a cool $750 million, and Zovio (formerly Bridgepoint Education) acquired Fullstack Academy for $17.5 million in cash plus 4.5 million shares of common stock."—Source: Inside Higher Ed

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Skyrocketing textbook prices—it's a seemingly intractable problem. But Chegg is proving that you can innovate, experiment, and expand. Read about its latest credentials news and mission to help students obtain snap up desirable jobs more "quickly and affordably."