Exclusive: New CEO Hutto Taking Diversified to the 'Next Level'

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After 29 years, Diversified founder Fred D’Alessandro has transitioned to executive chairman of the board for the global technology solutions provider. Eric Hutto, most recently president and COO of Unisys, has joined the company as CEO, and will drive the company’s strategy and vision moving forward.

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D’Alessandro is quick to note his move is not a retirement but a promotion to a different, full-time role within the company. “We have an army of AV and media expertise,” he said. “What we didn’t have was someone of Eric’s caliber and experience who knows how to advance a $1 billion company to the next level.”

Eric Hutto, CEO

Eric Hutto, CEO (Image credit: Diversified)

Hutto has more than 20 years of executive-level experience in a variety of well-known companies. His primary goal is for Diversified to grow in scale but maintain the personal touch with clients. He emphasized the importance of understanding the moving components of any project, driving that project through the process on time and on budget, and showcasing how that project will differentiate a specific environment.

“People don’t buy products and services,” Hutto explained. “They buy outcomes. It’s all about the experience.”

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Hutto is excited by his move to the Pro AV industry and complimented the Diversified team. “Diversified is already well respected in the industries that know us,” he said, “but we’re ready to show the whole world what a truly valuable business partner we can be to meet any modern technology needs.”

Fred D'Alessandro

Fred D’Alessandro, Executive Chairman (Image credit: Diversified)

D’Alessandro described Hutto as a great listener who is learning more about the company by observing operations in the field, a habit Hutto has embraced at other stops during his career.  Under Hutto’s leadership, D’Alessandro also expects the company’s consulting services to remain a big growth area. 

For his part, Hutto is pleased that D’Alessandro was not retiring, noting the importance of his institutional knowledge and strategic relationships. “You don’t want to lose that,” he said. “Fred had a vision that helped Diversified get this far. Now, it’s time to take that to the next level.”


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