Everything to Know about the Shure UniPlex Cardioid Lavalier Microphone

A woman using the new Shure UniPlex lavalier microphone.
(Image credit: Shure)

Shure introduced UniPlex, its new 5mm subminiature cardioid lavalier microphone engineered to be the ideal, discrete solution for speaking applications where rejection of stage noise, an audience, or close-proximity presenters is essential to conveying your message. Offered in four colors and three connector types, UniPlex joins the line of subminiature lapels and headsets from Shure, including the omnidirectional TwinPlex and DuraPlex product portfolios, while providing a unique, directional polar pattern.

Designed for corporate presentations and guest speakers in conference rooms, lecture halls, theaters, and arenas, UniPlex’s UL4 unidirectional lavalier microphone delivers excellent, isolated audio capture, minimizing feedback with its custom-tuned cardioid element.

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Previously, visually intrusive cardioid lavaliers were necessary to provide the gain-before-feedback and sound quality required in professional speaking and presentation situations. UniPlex provides the performance of larger lapel microphones in a significantly smaller design, simultaneously outperforming the audio quality of similarly sized, subminiature lavaliers. This makes UniPlex the perfect solution for speaking applications where sound-quality-for-size cannot be sacrificed, even in the noisiest environments.

The new Shure UniPlex lavalier microphone.

(Image credit: Shure)

“We knew that the market needed a strong lavalier option that prioritized high-stakes speaking environments with a directional pattern, in a much smaller, cleaner form factor,” said John Born, associate director, microphones, global product management, at Shure. “UniPlex builds on the portfolio by featuring the same Plex technology cable for enhanced durability, yet it focuses on creating clear, isolated sound, ideal for speakers, presenters, and educators alike. We’re excited to introduce UniPlex to our growing suite of exceptional lavaliers and headsets.”

UniPlex’s 1.6mm Shure Plex Cable technology ensures long-lasting durability and comfort for the wearer, while making it easy for crews and engineers to apply the mics effectively and efficiently. The cable is immune to kinks and memory effects, resulting in unmatched performance thanks to innovative spiral construction with redundant shielding. The cable is also a fully paintable, versatile solution suitable for any speaker or wardrobe.

The new Shure UniPlex lavalier microphone.

(Image credit: Shure)

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Given the importance of high-quality audio at livestreamed and hybrid events, Shure has developed the Plex lavalier lines, including UniPlex, in conjunction with world-class wireless solutions like Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D, and SLX-D. These wireless solutions enable top audio-professionals to execute events and performances flawlessly in the most complex setups and constrained spectrum situations on earth.

*Note: Shure UniPlex UL4 lavalier microphone with LEMO termination is compatible only with Shure LEMO bodypack transmitters and preamplifiers.

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