Digital Projection’s Radiance LED Brings New Life to Liberty Square Church

Digital Projection’s Radiance LED Brings New Life to Liberty Square Church
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For many houses of worship, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining active involvement across the various communities in their congregations. With time commitments of work, school, sports, events, and relationships, a church requires a special combination of preachers, staff, and programs to thrive in the world of today. 

One house of prayer that excels in this is The Church at Liberty Square in Cartersville, GA. Constantly growing, this outreach-heavy church continuously adapts new methods and technologies to better serve their members and have a greater impact in their lives. When the church decided to upgrade its youth worship room with an impactful display that could be the centerpiece of future events, the team selected a Radiance LED VX Series display from Digital Projection.

Building on Strong Foundations of Faith

When operating during normal service schedules, the church welcomes in around 1,400 guests each week. The church is a popular place of faith, hosting a multitude of events not only for its own congregation, but for other local churches as well. With ministries for men, women, children, and students, along with an impressive praise and worship choir and orchestra, the church is quite adept at tailoring its outreach and message for the entirety of its parish. To maintain this level of service for its younger members, this meant upgrading and updating its youth worship room.  

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Youth minister Kolton Sosebee described the church's vision in saying, “We ultimately wanted an exciting atmosphere that the kids could come to—a space to call their own—and something high quality that they could all enjoy. We strive to provide a strong spiritual experience in our services and so we wanted a visual and acoustic experience to match that.”

To bring their plans to fruition, the church reached out to house of worship design specialists at the Lyell Group.

Designing for the Future

What started out as a warehouse space with outdated equipment soon became a place on which the church’s future events and growth of the community depended. Jeff Arnold, CFO and administrative pastor at the church said “This room was always intended to be a place for the younger members of our congregation, but we also wanted to create an engaging and energetic space that could host special events, dinners, and prayer meetings with state-of-the-art equipment.”  

After some initial remodeling and designs of the space, it became clear to the Lyell Group that a larger renovation would bring the church’s hopes into a reality. “When we first looked at the space, we saw a lot of potential in this older-looking room, but we knew we had to start from scratch,” said Jason Lyell, president and CEO of the Lyell Group.

A High-Quality Display for a Higher Spiritual Experience

Offering next-level service and quality is a core principle of the Lyell Group, so the company began by adding in decorative sound absorption, wall-mounted speakers, a new audio console, PTZ cameras, and a live streaming system. But when it came time to overhaul the video component of the space, Radiance LED was Lyell’s choice for a central display. Measuring 219-inches diagonally, the Radiance LED VX Series 2.5mm display was an easy decision for the discerning AV integrator. “We’re very big into customer service at this company,” said Lyell. “The quality and reliability of Digital Projection’s products that we’ve used in the past has given us—and our customers—a great deal of peace of mind. If I attach my name to it, I’m only going to specify trustworthy brands like DP.”  

When everything was finished, the church staff and members were beyond thrilled with the new space. Flanked by two support monitors, the Radiance LED display allows the youth ministers and church staff to show vivid and captivating content, along with inspirational imagery, song lyrics, and scripture passages. Arnold describes the setup: “The whole environment is simply incredible, and the Radiance LED Wall is the showpiece of the room. When you first walk in, the wall immediately grabs your attention and drives the atmosphere of the room.”

“The Perfect Backdrop for Any Event”

Sosebee echoes this sentiment, “The kids absolutely love the new environment, and the LED Wall is the pinnacle of it all—the piece that puts it all together. When we have new visitors come in, their first reaction is always, ‘Wow, this is awesome!’”

Working in conjunction with audio quality similar to a recording studio, the Radiance LED Video Wall sets the stage for the church’s weekly live-streamed youth and children’s services, as well as prayer meetings, special event conferences, and promotional videos produced throughout the week. “The LED Wall is the perfect backdrop for any event we have going on in that space," Arnold concluded. "It’s far more engaging than what we had anticipated. It brings new life into our presentations and worship services.”

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