Coping with an Existential Threat to Your Core Mission (The EvoLLLution)

"Remote working and learning eliminate face-to-face interactions, which is a critical component in the community college world. As a result, students and even staff are beginning to look elsewhere for work and/or education. But this isn’t the first crisis higher education has faced, as it’s merely a transition to something new—just like when the world wide web initially hit campuses. Now, it’s up to faculty and their leaders to find creative solutions to retain their enrollment rates and deliver the best student (and employee) experience they can provide. In this interview, Kevin Drumm discusses the hard hit on enrollment rates, the nationwide response that’s needed, and what will happen to the hands-on experience. "—Source: The EvoLLLution

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For some programs, the transition to remote learning was, essentially, seamless. However, some pathways need a face-to-face environment to truly prepare students for the workforce. When students can't learn on campus, creative approaches are necessary to offer meaningful hands-on alternatives and keep students on track.