Connection, routine and equity: What students need when learning online (University Business)

"Findings from a nationwide survey of college students’ remote learning experiences indicate that faculty should make conscious efforts to help fulfill cravings for more human connection. 'This is not just about tech support, but rather about creating a sense of trust and connection, evaluating in ways that feel fair to students, and understanding that many have chronic issues of digital inequality,' says Vikki Katz of Rutgers’ School of Communication and Information. 'What students miss most tells us what they value most.'"—Source: University Business

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What remote learning offers in terms of flexibility it might lack in the human connection. This article makes a strong case for rethinking community building and bonding as well as faculty support. There are myriad methods for cultivating collaborative and more humane relationships for online learners. What's your strategy for bringing the "human" back to digital humanities?