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ace University
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Left to Right: Constantine Vasilevsky, operations supervisor of Educational Media; Bradford Terry, manager of Educational Media; Oneil Morgan, AV technician supervisor; Lubomir Smilenov, IT project manager; Georgia King, AV support specialist

Left to Right: James Xiong, information technologist; Jeff Levesque, lead information technologist; Katie Babula, AV manager; Ethan Hicks, senior information technologist (Image credit: Pace University)

AV/IT TEAM: Waikuen Yee, director of IT Project Management; Lubomir Smilenov, IT project manager; Thomas Mariutto, senior manager of Telecommunications; Joseph Blando, senior manager of Network Services; Bradford Terry, manager of Educational Media; Oneil Morgan, AV technician supervisor; Georgia King, AV support specialist; Constantine Vasilevsky, operations supervisor of Educational Media; George Chacko, director of Educational Media

Pace University

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GOALS: The goal of this project was to make 15 Beekman, a building on Pace University’s NYC campus, a leader in technology innovation when it comes to teaching and real hands-on learning experiences. Consistently integrating state-of-the-art technologies into classrooms, event spaces, and innovation labs, we aim to create an immersive and dynamic learning environment that empowers students and faculty to actively engage, collaborate, and excel in their academic endeavors.

Pace University

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Crestron 4 series control processors are used in every classroom and event space. They bring control over everything in the classroom using a 70 series Crestron touch panel. Crestron NVX AV/IP is used for video distribution in 15 Beekman classrooms and event spaces. This gives the users flexibility on what they want seen and where. Crestron Zoom UC kits are in every classroom and event space to allow seamless distance learning and communication. The Zoom UCS utilizes Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 beam tracking ceiling mics and Biamp Tesira series DSPs to make sure no one misses a word. 15 Beekman leverages dual Logitech Rally PTZ cameras for speaker and audience views when using Zoom. The Bianco event space uses Sennheisser speech line digital wireless gooseneck mics to support C-suite meetings every week. 15 Beekman hosts one of Pace's multiple T1V active learning rooms, fully equipped with Sennheisser TCC2 ceiling mics, Logitech Rally cameras, 86-inch Avocor interactive display and multiple hardline inputs. 

CHALLENGES: The development of Pace University’s 15 Beekman building faced several challenges, including supply chain disruptions, change orders impacting project scope, budget constraints, unforeseen design changes, and a critical time constraint—all of which required strategic planning, collaboration, and problem solving to successfully overcome and meet project goals.

FINAL INSTALL/USER BENEFITS:  This project benefits the Pace community by providing an enhanced learning environment with innovative classrooms and technology, access to state-of-the-art facilities for events and workshops, seamless technological integration for ease of use, opportunities for creativity and innovation in dedicated spaces like the innovation lab, and ensured accessibility and inclusivity for all users—ultimately contributing to a vibrant and impactful academic and community experience at Pace University’s 15 Beekman building.

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