Blip and YESCO Release Results of Integration -

Blip and YESCO Release Results of Integration

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Blip, a platform for purchasing and managing digital out of home advertising campaigns, released the results of its year-long integration with YESCO Outdoor Media.

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First launched in June 2016, Blip's integration with YESCO allows any interested buyer to view YESCO's available inventory, buy ad space and upload ad creative. Ads run in eight second increments, or blips, on pre-selected signs in YESCO's regional networks. Buyers are not locked into any long-term commitment, allowing for any buyer of any budget size to utilize the DOOH medium in the markets and in the moments that matter to them.

Since inception, Blip has increased YESCO Outdoor Media's top-line digital revenue by 11 percent -- making 113 percent of its retail rates through Blip, eliminated all digital inventory vacancies, and added 9-times more digital advertisers to YESCO's business. The results served as a catalyst for an integration renewal and for a YESCO investment round in Blip. The renewal and investment illustrate YESCO's commitment to democratizing access to its DOOH network.

"Unsold inventory has been a lingering issue in the digital out of home space since its inception. It's driven in part by the hyperlocal nature of the ad medium and in part by traditional minimum buy restraints that keep the pool of advertisers limited," said Pat O'Donnell, YESCO. "Blip's pay-per-blip model has created a way for thousands of businesses to advertise on our screens at the precise moments and times that best reach their target customer. As we expand our partnership via investment, we look forward to onboarding more advertisers via Blip's digital out of home marketplace."

"Our work with YESCO has helped us test our hypothesis that democratizing access to digital out of home is the right path forward for sign owners and for local businesses, and the bottom line results have proven it correct," said Brent Thomson, founder, Blip. "There's been a lot of buzz around geomarketing by way of mobile devices, but we believe that sophisticated digital out of home can trigger the right messages to the right people at the right time, driving inbound customers for local businesses. With YESCO supporting our vision, we are poised to expand our national footprint together."

As part of the continued integration and new investment round, Blip and YESCO will work together to bring more advertisers into the DOOH space. The majority of advertisers nationally do not use billboards, in part due to long-term commitments and prohibitive costs. Blip and YESCO aim to eliminate these barriers with an approach that eliminates contracts and minimum buys.


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